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#stayathome #wearmask #socialdistancing #weareopenonline #shopatlittlebaby
#stayathome #wearmask #socialdistancing #weareopen #shopatlittlebaby
K FRY Urban Korean at Johor Bahru

K FRY Urban Korean at Johor Bahru

If you are looking for Korean food at Johor Bahru, you should visit K Fry Urban Korea at Holiday Villa. The restaurant is located within Holiday Villa hotel ground level, but the dining area is at level 2. This is just directly opposite KSL City mall and it is just across the road.

For children on pram, there is a lift that brings you to the 2nd level. High chair is also available in the restaurant.

Empty your stomach and try the popular Cheesy Fried Chicken! 

K Fry Korean Chicken at Johor Bahru

There was a long queue when we reached. But very soon it was our turn. 
Quickly flip through the menu as I was so hungry! 

So we ordered Original Crispy Fried Chicken Bumbuk which cost RM $48.90

Original Crispy Fried Chicken Bumbuk

The cheese is wrap onto the fried chicken and it is best to eat while it is hot.

Cheese wrap done. Can't wait to eat. Imagine the cheese melt in your mouth. :)

With the thick cheese on the fried chicken, it really makes the taste so good.

You will see many people order RITA, and my favourite is Strawberry RITA. 

Address: No. 260, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Malaysia 

As per their information, there is no NO PORK NO LARD NO ALCOHOL.

Ah... I will definitely come back again for other dishes!

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