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B.Box Sippy Cup Review

Our Review
Stars Rating 4.8 / 5
B.Box Sippy Cup Review by Little Baby
In this article, we will review on the award winning B.Box Sippy Cup. All reviews made by Little Baby is based on our neutral personal views after a long period of usage on the product.

Credit image: B.Box Korea

 B.Box Sippy Cup aka the Training Cup has won an award in the Mother & Baby Award in Singapore last year in 2015. 

The innovative straw of the B.box Sippy Cup highly contributes to the success of the product.  Its straw has the capacity to move in the fluid regardless of the angle of the sippy cup which means the baby can drink it in any direction!.  It is also dishwasher safe, leak proof and easy grip component.

We will touch on why we love B.Box Sippy Cup especially on the features. 

Features of the B.box Sippy Cup

B.Box Sippy Cup costs at S$22.90, now selling S$19.90 at Little Baby and other major baby outlets. The sippy cup measures at about 15x12x7.5 cm. It will give you the whole Sippy Cup that has a capacity of 8 oz, the replacement straw and the kit for cleaning can be purchased separately. This training cup for babies is available in different colors such as Grape, Blueberry, Raspberry and Apple. It is ideal for kids from 6 months up to 2 years. The sippy cup is made from silicone and PP that contains no traces of PVC and Phthalates.

The easy grip feature of this training cup for babies makes it convenient and easy for the baby to have a good grip of the sippy cup, even a 6-month old baby can use it without any trouble. Most of the sippy cup tend to lose the lid on the straw. Once it is lost, the liquid inside the cup will leak once you tip it. With the B.box Sippy Cup, you no longer have to worry about losing it. The star is attached to the sippy cup and it just flips once you open it. You will never have to be anxious about getting the straw dirty in case your kid accidentally opened the lid.

B.Box Sippy Cup is also dishwasher safe making them easy to clean. When cleaning the cup, you can use a baby bottle brush with mild cleaning ingredients. During your travel, you can keep the training cup for babies upright and the bottle will not create any leak. Its size makes it possible to fit in any pouch of your baby bag. You can also place it in a diaper bag, and it will fit perfectly even with the handles.

Let's take a look at the inner lid cover.

It is perfectly easy to clean. The circular rubber ring which tighten the sippy cup to prevent water leak can be replaced and removed easily for cleaning as well. The weight straw can be also be replaced by pulling it out from inner direction. Isn't it simple, there is also no worry whether there is any hidden parts that can't be cleaned.

B.Box Sippy Cup Singapore

 The handle of the cup is easy to grab. Babies from early as 6 months can learn to hold by themselves. The shape of the handle also make it comfortable to grab with 2 fingers (adults) or the whole fingers (for babies).

The top flip lid can be easily removed for cleaning or replacing the straw. 
And if you also notice that B.Box straw is slim unlike other straws which is thick and has a big opening there. This is to prevent babies learning to drink from choking. 

To clean the straw, simply use the B.Box sippy cup brush (sold in a set of 2 replacement straw and brush). Insert the brush into the straw and pull through a few times. It's that easy.

This is the guide for cleaning the sippy cup. It is very easy to clean and best of all it does not have any hidden compartment compared to other sippy cups. The parts is easily replaced.


The B.box Sippy Cup is the first training cup for babies that truly live up to its claim. It will not create any leak if you properly close the lead unlike the other sippy cup in the market. It is also design to enhance the independence through its easy-to-handle feature. With its value and functions, there is no reason why you should not settle with this sippy cup.

Purchase B.Box Sippy Cup via our link here at https://www.littlebaby.com.sg/collections/b-box-sippy-cup

Alternatively you may also buy from our partner stores at this link


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Foldaway Colour Folder Playmat Review

Our Review
Stars Rating 3 / 5
Foldaway Colour Folder Playmat Review by Little Baby
In this article, we will review on Foldaway playmat. All reviews made by Little Baby is based on our neutral personal views after a long period of usage on the product.

 Let's first touch on the features for Foldaway Folder playmat.

1. Eco-friendly and Safe. Tested and certified by SGS, the world's leading safety certification company!
2. Versatile. Can be transformed into a table, couch, standing screen, diaper changing mat, play tunnel or even pilates mat for hours of fun!
3. Comfort. Firm enough for easy foot pivoting yet forgiving enough to pad falls!
4. Absorbs noise and protects kids from cold floor!
5. “Breathable” exterior makes air circulation possible, minimising the growth of fungus in the interior!
6. Lightweight and stackable. Convenient and saves space!
7. Waterproof. Easy to clean & convenient to sanitise!

All foldaway playmat is made in Korea. The outer material is made of non-toxic PU leather while the inner material is made of high-density elastic PE foam. It is definitely an eco friendly and safe playmat for our little ones.

Foldaway folder playmat come with different sizes, Grand 240x140x4cm or Wide 200x140x4cm. Note that in this review, we are using the smaller size just for demo purpose.

Zoom up view on the leather material. The gap in between the folder playmat is very minimal and there is no worry that our little ones will trip over. It is also easy to clean and keep by folding away the mat.

 Foldaway playmat come with a thickness of 40mm which is equivalent to 4cm depth. It is very safe as it can cushion the impact. I personally prefer thickness of 40cm as compared to 11-16cm range as I am very particular over safety. 

Foldaway playmat

There is also a zip where you can remove the outer leather cover for cleaning. Look at the foam thickness!

A playmat which is not only confine to playing but sitting down to read books can be very comfortable too.

 It is also a great mat for our little ones to lie down for their milk time! Unlike other playmat, the thickness of the mat is comfortable when you lie down on it. On a few occasion, Clarice actually doze off on the mat while she drink her milk. :D

You won't be able to find fanciful or cute designs over Foldaway playmat as they focus more onto solid colours. Although I do have other playmats with cute designs, but I really like that the pastel colours as it is very nice and smoothing to my eyes. Haha! 

But the best thing of the playmat isn't about colours and prints, but it can fold into layers and you can store it anywhere within your house. 

To see all Foldaway mats, you may go to our website at https://www.littlebaby.com.sg/collections/foldaway-playmats

Otherwise, we also have the best memory foam foldable mat, Huella from Korea.


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Babyzen Compact Stroller Yoyo 6+ 2016 Review!

Our Review

Stars Rating 4.5 / 5

BabyZen Yoyo+ 6+ (2016) Stroller Review by Little Baby

NOTE: Babyzen AIR FRANCE is now available at Little Baby. ENJOY 10% OFF for new customers and VIP customers! - Code "TAKE10" when you check out.

In this article, we will review on BabyZen Yoyo 6+ (2016) stroller. All reviews made by Little Baby is based on our neutral personal views after a long period of usage on the product.

The main features that we really like about Babyzen Yoyo 6+ (2016) will be highlighted in point forms for easy reading before we drill down into more details later on. This latest model was launched in Singapore on the 18th April 2016. It has some new added improvements – most noticeably that it is now Car Seat compatible, turning the Yoyo+ into a complete travel system.
  • Smart and Innovative Design
  • Ultra compact in size 
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use 
  • One-hand opening up the stroller
  • Light weight stroller at only 6.2kg
  • Very maneuverable and easy to steer
  • Perfect for travelling (airplane,bus,car,train
  • Bigger shopping basket compared to the previous model
Babyzen is an amazing lightweight, travel and urban stroller.
When I first received the stroller from the distributor, Babyzen Singapore, I was surprised to see how compact the stroller - wrapped in a Babyzen carry bag, was folded up and being carried over the shoulder. I had used strollers of other brands but never seen something so compact! You can say I really love this stroller so much on first sight! :)

Specifications and Dimensions:
Weight – 6.2 Kgs
Stroller when folded – 52 x 44 x 18 cm
Newborn Nest – 86cm x 44cm (not shown in this review)

Let's get the real hands on now! :D
Before and After - Babyzen is very compact and it can fold in 3 parts into one.
It is very handy and also won't take much up space at home for storage. 
Opening up the stroller is very easy which can be done in one hand. 


The overall structure of the Babyzen Yoyo+ stroller is well designed. For this particular model, the frame is in black. However, customers can choose white frame as well. 

An overview of the seat belt and safety buckle. The seat belt is easily adjustable which you can easily located at both sides.

Babyzen Yoyo 6+ Little Baby Singapore

We are ready to go!

Babyzen Yoyo+ has an improved larger basket where you can put more things in it. And what I really love so much is that the wheels of the strollers that can be easily move around and turning directions in 360 degrees without difficulties.

Babyzen Yoyo+ Singapore

If you want to know what your child is doing, there is a transparent viewing window on top of the canopy. :)

We also use the Babyzen Yoyo+ intensively because of its convenience. Now we went to another location to Changi Airport T3!

So you might be also wondering what's the actual height of the Yoyo+, it's basically smaller than a toddler of less than 2 years old. ;D

Babyzen at Changi Aiport Singapore T3

To lock the wheels, simply step onto the red paddle easily visible and located at the rear wheels.

There is a zip lock compartment to store your stuff behind the back seat. It is as equally good as a diaper bag where you can also put your diaper items in it :)

Bigger shopping basket by 75% larger than the previous model. Unlike some other strollers, you can only access the shopping basket by the back of the stroller, however for Babyzen Yoyo+, you can access from the front and the back easily.

Reaching out the front shopping basket easily. The resting foot platform is wide making it comfortable too.

 Moving around in a small retail shop is very easy. Thanks to the 4-wheels which can rotate easily in any directions.


Last but not least, you can bring the stroller anywhere even on flight. It can fits in the smallest spaces and in the overhead compartment of an airplane if the airline allows.


Enjoy 10% OFF for First Time Customers, Use "TAKE10" discount code when you check out. Express delivery within same day or next day!

2 years warranty included. Additional 1.5% cash rebate for fund transfer.

Email [email protected] to redeem a free gift for every Babyzen Stroller purchase!

Link: https://www.littlebaby.com.sg/collections/babyzen-yoyo-lightweight-stroller

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