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Foldaway Colour Folder Playmat Review

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Foldaway Colour Folder Playmat Review by Little Baby
In this article, we will review on Foldaway playmat. All reviews made by Little Baby is based on our neutral personal views after a long period of usage on the product.

 Let's first touch on the features for Foldaway Folder playmat.

1. Eco-friendly and Safe. Tested and certified by SGS, the world's leading safety certification company!
2. Versatile. Can be transformed into a table, couch, standing screen, diaper changing mat, play tunnel or even pilates mat for hours of fun!
3. Comfort. Firm enough for easy foot pivoting yet forgiving enough to pad falls!
4. Absorbs noise and protects kids from cold floor!
5. “Breathable” exterior makes air circulation possible, minimising the growth of fungus in the interior!
6. Lightweight and stackable. Convenient and saves space!
7. Waterproof. Easy to clean & convenient to sanitise!

All foldaway playmat is made in Korea. The outer material is made of non-toxic PU leather while the inner material is made of high-density elastic PE foam. It is definitely an eco friendly and safe playmat for our little ones.

Foldaway folder playmat come with different sizes, Grand 240x140x4cm or Wide 200x140x4cm. Note that in this review, we are using the smaller size just for demo purpose.

Zoom up view on the leather material. The gap in between the folder playmat is very minimal and there is no worry that our little ones will trip over. It is also easy to clean and keep by folding away the mat.

 Foldaway playmat come with a thickness of 40mm which is equivalent to 4cm depth. It is very safe as it can cushion the impact. I personally prefer thickness of 40cm as compared to 11-16cm range as I am very particular over safety. 

Foldaway playmat

There is also a zip where you can remove the outer leather cover for cleaning. Look at the foam thickness!

A playmat which is not only confine to playing but sitting down to read books can be very comfortable too.

 It is also a great mat for our little ones to lie down for their milk time! Unlike other playmat, the thickness of the mat is comfortable when you lie down on it. On a few occasion, Clarice actually doze off on the mat while she drink her milk. :D

You won't be able to find fanciful or cute designs over Foldaway playmat as they focus more onto solid colours. Although I do have other playmats with cute designs, but I really like that the pastel colours as it is very nice and smoothing to my eyes. Haha! 

But the best thing of the playmat isn't about colours and prints, but it can fold into layers and you can store it anywhere within your house. 

To see all Foldaway mats, you may go to our website at

Otherwise, we also have the best memory foam foldable mat, Huella from Korea. 


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