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What Type of Playmat Should you Buy?

What Type of Playmat Should you Buy?

When you turn into a parent, your major responsibilities and duties are towards the little angel in your arms. You do it with all your heart and love. There can be nothing better than doing different things for your baby with all the love that you have in yourself.

You know how important the first gift is to your baby and you?

If you want to buy something that your baby cherishes the most, buy him a playmat!

A playmat is a flat piece of material (a mat) that’s designed and manufactured for little kids to play on. They can comfortably sit, stand, sleep and play on such mats without being affected by the temperature of the floor. When kids play on a Little Baby Playmat, they feel awesome because they don’t get hurt when they fall on the soft surface of the mat; they also feel protected from germs on the floor.

But what kind of a playmat should you buy, when there are different types of mats available in the market?

From bumper playmat, which is a soft mat with different cute prints, to bumper bed, which is a fluffy mat on which the baby can sleep, different playmats are available for you to choose from. All you need to do is find out what kind of a playmat you need to buy for your angel.

Read below to get the tips:

  • Find out your requirements:
    The first thing that you need to do before selecting any type of playmat is check your needs. Make a list of things you want so that you can buy a mat that has all the features you need. For an instance, do you want a pink mat or a blue colored one? Add minor details to your list.

  • Check the mat according to the age of your baby:
    You need a playmat that suffices the needs of your baby; thus, select one depending upon his age. If he is a toddler, buy something that’s fluffier – select a bumper bed for him. On the other hand, if he is above the age of 5, let him have his very own flat playmat.

  • Read about the quality of the mat you are thinking of buying:
    You have to keep an eye on what people have written about the mat’s quality. If most of the parents have been satisfied with the quality of a particular bumper playmat, buy it for your little one.

  • Measure the space of your house where you are thinking of placing the playmat:
    While buying a particular type of playmat, make sure you measure the space of your room. You can’t buy a large playmat when you have a smaller room. Don’t make your house appear stuffed by the playmat of your baby; buy a smaller one for a compact room.

  • Buy something that would keep your baby engrossed for a long period of time:
    You have to focus on buying a mat that keeps your baby engrossed so that you can get some free time for yourself. This is one of the purposes of buying a playmat for your child. If your kid goes to kindergarten, he can read the alphabets printed on the playmat he plays on.

  • Find a mat that suits the gender of your baby:
    There are different playmats available for both, the baby girls and the baby boys. If you have a baby boy, buy a playmat has cars or animals printed on it; on the other hand, if you have a baby girl, buy a playmat with princess and other such beautiful things printed to grab her attention.

  • Ensure the mat has a soft surface so that your baby doesn’t get hurt when he falls on it:
    It doesn’t matter if you buy a flat playmat, a bumper bed or a bumper playmat; all that matters is that it has a soft and smooth surface so that your baby is protected from getting hurt when he falls on it.

  • If you have a toddler, buy a mat that has dangling toys attached to keep him busy:
    There are a few playmats that have dangling toys attached; these toys keep your toddler busy for a long period of time. He keeps playing with them and also falls asleep by staring at their wonderful colors and textures. Such toys not only relax his mind, but also give you some free time to do the other chores as well.

  • There are mats in the shape of puzzles:
    Some of the playmats are available in different shapes of puzzles. If you want your kid to have a sharper brain, such a playmat can help him grow. Such playmats focus on developing the motor skills of your kid, as well, since he needs to detach and attach the pieces of the puzzles.

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Your Stroller Buying Guide

Your Stroller Buying Guide - Having a stroller makes a parent’s life much easier!

When you welcome a newborn in your family, you feel natural urge to buy every tiny thing that can benefit your baby and among all the things, stroller goes without saying. The stroller is important because of the purpose it serves. It makes it easier to transport the baby while you walk and is the best alternative to carrying baby in your arms or on your hip. The stroller is a key piece that is needed right from the start till your kid is able to walk a distance on his own.

We know choosing the perfect set of wheels for your baby is a big and very important task and many people equate it to buying the car. So when you want the best stroller for your baby there are many factors to look upon. As there are many strollers available, it is very difficult to decide which one will best suit your family. There are many different types of stroller available at Little Baby Store Singapore and which one to buy will depend on the purpose you are majorly going to use for.

Like for example if you are an active person who goes on hiking, or regular walking or running with your baby then consider buying a stroller that is sturdy and suitable for all-terrain and look for the model that has features like adjusting and locking wheels because with these features running over varied terrain will be easier.

If you are going to use a stroller for your daily errands or looking to keep it in the back of the car, consider buying umbrella stroller which is lightweight and easy to fold and carry.
Here are the different type of strollers, have a look and see which type of stroller you need. You can find them at Little Baby Store Singapore.

• Standard strollers
Nuna Stroller Singapore

You will find many style and design but all of them will have a comfortable padded seat that can recline in varied positions. This stroller has sunshade and storage area below the seat and some stroller will have the baby facing forward while some will have a sitting position where the child will look back at the parents.

• Car seat stroller
Doona Car Seat Stroller Singapore
This is best if you are traveling by car most of the time as they are very lightweight stroller that can be easily folded and kept in the trunk of your car and it won’t even take much space. This stroller is basically designed to carry a specific type of infant car seats. When you travel you can remove the car seat from its base in the car.

• Lightweight stroller
Aprica Lightweight Stroller Singapore

It is also known as umbrella stroller and can be folded easily. As it doesn’t have much padding it should be preferably used for older babies. This stroller won’t recline fully and doesn’t have much head support which makes it less suitable for infants.

• Jogging stroller
bumbleride terrain stroller singapore

It has lightweight frames and it gives the best and safe ride to pusher and passenger. It is the best choice if you want to take your child on long walks, runs or even hiking. You can also use it on steep hills and navigate over curbs. The jogging stroller is difficult to maneuver up and down the stairs or through small spaces because of its size and this type of stroller can’t be folded compactly as other models.

• Double stroller

Joie Double Stroller Singapore
If you are planning to have a second kid then buy this stroller as you can carry 2 infants at a time. In tandem models, one child sits behind the other and the other option is a side-by-side model where kids sit next to each other.

Tandem stroller can be easily maneuvered through small and crowded places where as side-by-side stroller can be difficult to carry and move in crowded places.
Along with the type of the stroller, the other next thing to look when buying a stroller is the features of the stroller.

The must have features are as follows:
• Adjustable handle is necessary because if the stroller is going to be used by both parents that it is important that the handle can be adjusted so that it can suit the height of the person pushing it.
• One hand fold is also the most important feature to consider. If you are going to move in and out of the car very often than it is important that it collapse and open up easily with one hand.
• Frame lock feature is must have because it is important that a frame lock naturally into a position so that there are no chances of collapsing.
• Five-point restraint system is important for the child’s safety as the five-point harness is the safest option and comes in most of the strollers. It will secure your baby at the shoulders, waist and between the legs. This will restrain your baby from falling out of the stroller or climbing out when you are not around.

There are many other features that will make your life easier like:
• Cup holder and storage basket
• Snack tray
• Shoulder straps which will let you carry stroller when not in use
• Holder to keep you mobile phone

Check out our range of strollers at 

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Oribel High Chair

Check out our latest high chair from Oribel.

Inspired by the butterfly, the Cocoon™ transforms from a comfortable recliner to an early feeding chair with its unique and ergonomically designed Food & Cup Holder. Cocoon™ also comes complete with adjustable height and recline positions, easy clean foam seat, magnetic stow away tray feature and foldable design – the full set of features for the most complete high chair you can find. 

Available in 4 different colours. -


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Maternity & Nursing Wear In Store now

Sourcing for good quality maternity and nursing wear is not an easy task. Considering the workmanship and quality of the clothes is our main concern when importing in all the clothes. Pricing is also another factor as we want to remain competitive and provide affordable and reasonable clothing wear to our customers. 

Now finally, maternity and nursing wear is available at Little Baby. The pricing range for our clothes can range from $16.90 and above depending on the type of clothes. 

Our maternity and nursing wear is considered the most fashionable in town. 

Check out more of our designs in store daily!



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Dreambaby Home Safety Products

Dreambaby Home Safety Products is now available at Little Baby.

Check out now!


Little Baby
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LEGO DUPLO available at Little Baby!

The long waited LEGO Duplo is now available at Little Baby with most of the latest collections in store! From now till 30 SEP 2016, we are providing an new launch collection promotion at 10% OFF - While Stocks Last! Use Code: "Lego10" when you check out in store. 

Catch the Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade and many other popular collection in store now! A perfect gift for anyone!

Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade


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Right To Buy Tula Blankets at Little Baby!

RTB Tula Blankets at Little Baby StoreIt's Little Baby 2nd year anniversary this month! We have a number of nearly 40 sets of TULA Blankets which we will use a RTB system and everyone will stand a chance to win to purchase your favourite print.

All you need to do is to fill up the TULA RTB Lucky Draw Form (link below), we conduct a lucky draw and will contact you to go over details if you have won the RTB Lucky Draw.

Terms & Conditions:
- We do not accept reservations for Tula Blankets for this RTB Lucky Draw event.
- The RTB Event date will be held a period from 20 August to 26 August 2016.
- Winners of the RTB lucky draw will be notified via email on 27 August 2016.
- Payment of the blankets must be done before 2359 hrs on 28 August 2016. If payment is not received, we will draw another winner.
- Only for local residents in Singapore.
- Let's give others and yourself a chance, one entry per family / address. If found duplicates, all entries will be void.
- A set of 3 x Tula blankets cost S$105. Hand delivery fee of S$5 is applicable. No self collection is allowed. Total S$110.
- Delivery date schedule is as early from 30th August 2016.
- Little Baby & Family Pte Ltd Management decision is final.

Good Luck!

RTB Lucky Draw Link:

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Spectra Breast Pump S1 and accessories available!

Spectra Breast Pump at Little Baby Store

We understand that many customers prefer Spectra S1 Breast Pump and thus we have brought in more units to cater for the demand. We also added Spectra accessories in our store should you need any replacement parts. Thank you.  

--------------- Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Dual Electrical Breast Pump -----------------------

Introducing the latest breast pump technology. Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Dual Electrical breast pump. With the innovative invention and thoughtful design for the mummies, including a closed system backflow protector that prevent milk from flowing into pump motor, a safety automatic power- off after 30 minutes system, individually adjustable settings for cycle (speed) and suction, massage (Let Down) mode allowing stimulation of  body's let down reflex, double sided pumping to saves so much time with faster milk production, quiet, pumping next to your sleeping baby without disturbing and a 2 level LED lighting that enables you to see the function on the LCD display clearly during the night time. One great thing about this product is it come with a built in battery, mummies do not have to worry about not having power plug.

Things include:

  • Spectra S1 breastpump
  • Two set of 28mm breastshield set (breastshield, tubing, backflow protector and wide neck bottle)
  • One adapter
  • Local warranty of one year (starts from baby birth date or the day order was fulfilled, whichever later) Warranty only cover motor unit, backflow matter will not be cover in the warranty. 

Purchase in our store:

Take a look at the video on Spectra S1 Breast Pump and why it is so popular. :)

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Joie Litetrax 4 in Travel System in store now!

Joie Litetrax 4 in Travel System with Stroller and Car Seat is in store now. 

Retail at $559, now S$459. Discount S$100 OFF! Joie Travel System is easily sold out as the bundle is worth the price to get. So hurry get yours now.

Link :

Joie Litetrax 4 Travel System


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Pigeon Baby Products Restocked!

Pigeon Baby Singapore

As of 3rd August 2016, we have restock most of the out of stock items in our store. 

We understand from many parents that they are looking for the Pigeon Sakura 2-1 Baby Wash in 900ml refill pack since last month, today we have stock up at Little Baby store. Each pack cost S$15.90 While stocks last. :)

Pigeon Sakura Baby Wash 2-1 Refill Pack 900ml

Coming next week, we will restock the Pigeon Bottle and Food warmer which is another popular item. It is small and portable compared to other warmer. 

If you need any other Pigeon products that is not available in our store, email us at [email protected]

Note that Pigeon Baby Snacks will not be available in our store. 

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Countdown Baby Fair Event: Tula Dapper Blanket Give Away

Countdown Baby Fair Event: Tula Dapper Blanket Give Away


Tula Dapper Blanket Give Away

Our very first baby fair event at SuperMom from 12-14 August 2016. Booth number P04.
If you happen to drop by, come to support us and say hello! :)
We understand many parents are not able to purchase the recent Dapper blankets. We are helpless because the demand has exceeded the supply. Recently one of the customers decided to let go this blanket, so I gave a thought what to do with it. Why not give away instead of selling off the blankets. I always believe in giving away to someone who needs it. And I am sure one of the parents will need this blanket for their baby. :)
From today 27 July 2016 to 7 August 2016, all your need to do is to show your love to your baby. Tell us how much you love them. If possible take a photo with them and post in this Facebook thread for the event contest.
The most likes for your post will get to win the set of Dapper blankets worth S$105. You guys will be the my judges for the comments! :)
Winner will be finalized and announced on 8th August 2016.
Collection of the prize must be in person and collect during the baby fair from 12-14 August 2016. Good luck! :)
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Children Safety is Parents Top Priority

Children Safety is Parent's Top Priority

Getting hurt or injured at home is something uncommon especially when toddlers at growing stage is exploring things and tends to be more "hands on". Home safety is very important especially toddlers love to swing the doors as it is fun to them like playing hide and seek. 

Introducing our latest products, Jamm Door Stop and MyBoss Shield will prevent our little ones getting hurt on their fingers. 

We all know that traditional doorstops hold the door from one side only and are easily dislodged. They are unreliable, unsafe and frustrating to use. With the award-winning Jamm® doorstop's unique and patented design fits under the end of the door and stops the door moving in either direction. They are simple to use and effective on all floor surfaces. The solution to slamming doors, trapped fingers, damaged walls and trip hazards.

Jamm® doorstop is suitable for door gaps of 2mm to 25mm. It complies to the European General Product Safety Regulation (2005). Designed and Made in GB.

Jamm Door Stop is now available at Little Baby. Check it out :)


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