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Why Babyzen Yoyo+ Compact Stroller is the best for travel and daily usage

Why Babyzen Yoyo+ Compact Stroller is the best for travel and daily usage

Why Babyzen Yoyo+ Compact Stroller is the best for travel and daily usage

Babyzen YOYO + Compact Stroller is the most compact, versatile and lightweight one on the market, seamlessly making life, and travel, easier than ever before.

It’s designed to go everywhere as you won’t worry about the carrying problem. With a YOYO+ Stroller, It’s never been easier to meet up your friends for a drink, catch a cab, hop onto the subway, or fly to the other end of the world!

Let’s introduce Babyzen YOYO+Compact Stroller to you!

1. Design Features       

2. Features

    2.1 Foldable to small size easily to travel

    2.2 Featherweight, Small and Portable,

    2.3 Packaging

    2.4 Exclusive "soft-drive" system:

    2.5 Soft to the touch and comfortable

3. Summary

1. Babyzen Yoyo+ Compact Stroller Design

Babyzen Yoyo+ is the original stroller comes with universal frame that allows user simply swap the 0+ newborn fabrics with the 6+ fabrics by changing the accessories. It’s come with 4 wheel suspension and attached with a brake that allows users to stop and go easily.

As the picture showed, Babyzen Yoyo+Compact Stroller comes with 2 different stage version. User can either choose the 0+ version for their newborn baby or choose the 6+version for their baby above 6 months (until 18kg).

Example, firstly you buy the 0+ version for a newborn baby and after 6 months you will need to get 6+ version stroller that can afford your baby weight because your baby was growth and you just need a bigger stroller for baby above 6 months

But!? Babyzen Yoyo+ make your life easier! With the universal frame, its allows user simply swap the 0+ newborn fabrics with the 6+ fabrics by changing the accessories.


  1. From birth, baby lies parent-facing to encourage connection with their parents. BABYZEN YOYO+ comes with a flat nest for infants, a 5-point harness, a 2-position pop-up canopy, a foot cover and a headrest.
  2. When you leave the car, clip the¬†car seat (BABYZEN iZi Go ModularTMby BeSafe¬ģ)¬†onto your stroller frame using the included YOYO+ adapters. The car seat¬†clicks easily¬†into place, without having the need to remove the stroller's fabric covers
  3. From 6 months onwards, using the same frame, simply swap 0+ newborn fabrics with the 6+ fabrics.

This upgraded YOYO+ is the ultimate companion for your baby from birth to 6 months, as it has a big difference compared with others brand which they provided any types of feature that makes their consumer life easier!

Let go through the key features of Babyzen Yoyo+ before you own it.



2.1 Foldable to small size easily for travel.

Babyzen Yoyo+ allows the user to folds, unfolds, and drives it with one-handed ease. Its small like no other when folded (52 x 44 x 18 cm) size and easily user to carrying among travelling or shopping.

It's able to fits in the smallest spaces and in the overhead compartment of an aeroplane or bus.


2.2 Featherweight, Small and Portable,

Babyzen Yoyo+ designed with a featherweight that only 6 kg and its comes with a shoulder strap. It’s can be carried like a bag and also can be taken as cabin luggage that you ever think before! Its able to collapses to 20 inches by 17.5 inches by 7 inches, Weighs only 12.8 pounds and suitable for 6 months and up.

User is able to attach it’s together with their bag when travelling. It is half the volume of a standard umbrella-stroller

By using one-hand folding, unfolding... and driving features, users easily to transform Babyzen Yoyo+ into this size for caring.

 As a parent or users, did you hate this sign? Is it very hard to place the baby stroller when going out shopping and travelling?

Babyzen Yoyo+ fix this kind of consent by this foldable design and you may bring it like a bag!


2.3 Packaging

Babyzen Yoyo+ Packing has Never Been Simpler as it’s designed with airline certified size of a carry-on bag, you only need to fold up the Babyzen yoyo+ and slot in the carry-on bag for travel.


2.4 Exclusive "soft-drive" system:

Babyzen Yoyo+ come with exclusive ‚Äėsoft-drive‚Äô system that allows user no need to lock the front swivel wheel, even on rough terrain. It attached with a brake that allow users to make emergency stop on any special case. This more comprehensively increases the safety of the baby.


2.5 Soft to the touch and comfortable

Babyzen Yoyo+ designed with a multi-position reclining seat which produces by comfortable seat pad and a 5-point harness that ability to ensure safety of baby.


The seat fabric was removable and washable, so parent no need to worry for being dirty and hard to cleaning. By these features, the baby can even eat in the stroller!


3. Summary

Babyzen Yoyo+ is the original stroller comes with universal frame that allows user simply swap the 0+ newborn fabrics with the 6+ fabrics by changing the accessories. The elaborate design and features make people more convenient to bring along their baby when going shopping and travelling. Besides on this, 1 frame with 3 possibilities allows consumers to save their cost to purchase another baby stroller with a growth of the baby.


Come and discover your very own YOYO+, click on the below link to own it !!!



December 03, 2019 — Little Baby Malaysia
Which Playmat Should I buy for my beloved baby?

Which Playmat Should I buy for my beloved baby?

Which Playmat Should I buy for my beloved baby?

In this article, we will compare on PVC playmats and Designskin’s playmats and let you know which is better to own it.

  1. Features
    • Production and Material
    • Design and Features
    • Thickness
  2. Comparison Chart
  3. Summary

                DesignSkin's Playmats                              PVC Playmats 



Did you know what the difference between PVC playmat and DesignSkin playmat?

Let’s Compare between these 2 types of playmat then you will know which brand you should buy for your baby


1.1 Production and material

PVC playmat is produced by a PVC material that is very dense compared to most plastics.  PVC is readily available and cheap so it’s easy to manufacture by a factory.


Compared to this,

DesignSkin’s play mat is produced by a Foam mat from PU Leather and is manufactured in South Korea with high-quality commercial grade foam and material.

Design Skin play mat manufactured by 100% Hand-made, the high degree of handwork are made by the Asian best artisan

High-quality material is nontoxic, soft and smooth for babies and children to play without any harm.



1.2 Design

PVC mats are waterproof and come with a simple design that came with small puncture holes on it.


 PVC mats are waterproof but the mat itself is pretty slippery just due to the top coating placed on it.

It will have some noises when walking with bare feet which no provide noise reduction features


Compared on it,

DesignSkin’s play mat designed a good quality and safe kids playmats with unique design and it’s manufactured by 100% Hand-made, the high degree of handwork is made by the Asian best artisan

DesignSkin’s playmat is good quality and safe kids play mats with a unique design. It’s foldable and divided into 4 colors. Based on these features, it can be downsized to 60cm by 135cm, which fits into smaller rooms.

DesignSkin's innovative, patented design allows our playmats and furniture to easily transform into various shapes and structures. 

The cover is made by nontoxic luxury PU artificial leather and its water resistance.


1.3 Thickness

PVC mats thickness is about 1.2cm to 1.5 cm and light.

It that able to ensure the safety of kids from friction caused by creeping on the ground but if the baby falls on the floor, the PVC mat is not thick enough to protect the baby as the mat is too thin to cushion.

Even by a baby nail, this Mat is scratched and punctured very easily so you must be careful when using it to avoid any scratched.

Compared to this,

Designskin’s playmat will be more safe and comfortable because it comes with thickness 4cm that spacious and safe enough for children to jump, play and sleep on it. 

Designskin’s playmat provided a very cushion as it cannot touch to the floor level. It can fully protect baby from fall on floors.

Based on water-resistance features, we can easily clean the playmats without any trace

The most important things are this mat has 57% of effective noise reduction rate and it is no harmful hazards when the heating


2.Comparison Chart


DesignSkin’s Playmat

PVC Playmat


Foam Mat PU Leather

PVC mat


100% Hand-made

Industry production

Features Layout

Dual-sided, Able to transform into various shape and structures

Dual-sided  can be rolled up

Water Resistance



Noise Reduction

Yes, 57% of effective noise reduction rate

No, horrible peeling noises when walking with bare feet


Innovative, patented design

Simple with small puncture holes



1.2cm to 1.5 cm

Cushion support

4cm with good cushion(Cannot feel the ground)

PVC mat 1.2-1.5cm(Lack of cushion-Direct floor impact)

Downsize Features

Yes, can be downsized to 60cm by 135cm





Based on this 2 comparison, Designskin’s play mat prevents a must better features and design that able to ensure children from being harm compared with PVC mat. It’s able to transform into various shapes and structures, so it is very convenient to use which is a PVC mat can’t provide to you. Try to imagine you playing with your kids and you transform the shape of play mat to play in a different game. In this case, children also will not be feeling bored with it.

After surveying all the differences, which brand would you prefer for your baby and children?

My answers are DesignSkin’s!!!




November 10, 2019 — Little Baby Malaysia
The Launch Of Hegen Milk Bottle and Breast Pump

The Launch Of Hegen Milk Bottle and Breast Pump

Hegen Milk Bottles

Busy on work and no time to take care of the baby?

No idea on which product to buy as the bottle keep changed and changed?

Feeding spend a lot of time and tired of it?

Not convenient for feeding baby when going out shopping?

In these articles, we will describe the reason why we should choose Hegen product for our beloved baby.

  1. Key Features

    1.1 Production

    1.2 Design

    1.3 Storage Method

    1.4 Hassle-free Cleaning

    1.5 Snap-On Interconnecting Storage Lids

    1.6 Breast Pump

    1.7 Interchangeable Feeding and Storage Lid

2. Teats Features

    2.1 Super soft elliptical-shape silicone teat

    2.2 Asymmetrical, Off-Centre Teat

    2.3 Anti-Colic Air Vent System

3. Comparison

4. Summary

Hegen Milk Bottles

1.Key Features

1.1 Production Material

Hegen Milk Bottles produced by a very lightweight material ( PPSU ), PPSU is an amorphous material that has a high glass transition temperature and low moisture absorption. This material has better impact strength and chemical resistance that can withstand sterilization with superheated steam and is resistant to detergents and disinfectants.

The Hegen Milk Bottles come with natural gold colors which no color elements added. The colors representative the PPSU material and the darker the colors, the thicker the bottles.

It‚Äôs designed with a practical ‚Äúsoft-square‚ÄĚ bottle design. This design ergonomically shaped for babies to hold and also can keep the bottle from rolling away.

Meanwhile, the Hegen Milk Bottles able to afford high-temperature disinfection, low-temperature storage and it is smash proof!

1.3 Storage Method

The storage method is easier than you think, the Hegen Press-to-Close, twist-to-Open
PCTO innovation allows the bottle to be pressed on and twisted off conveniently with zero spillage.
You just need to store up the milk and keep in cold storage, heat up when need it. It’s very convenient to use for each family

Let’s think about a baby about 4 months holding the milk bottles and enjoying their food. The character of the baby is very active, sometime they will throw out the bottle to somewhere and laugh.

Because of smash proof bottle, we no need to worries about the break of the bottle will hurt the baby, and also no need to spend an extra cost to buy new milk bottles.

Which One Do You prefer?

1.4 Hassle-Free Cleaning

Hegen milk bottles are Hassle-Free Cleaning as PPSU stands on non-stick oil material as the breast milk contains oil that obtains a lot of antibiotics.

Compared with other product, the Hegen Milk Bottle come with smooth interior surface, wide bottle opening and minimal parts make cleaning exceptionally easy.

1.5 Snap-On Interconnecting Storage Lids


Hegen Milk Bottles designed with a Snap-On interconnecting storage lid. This design allows multiple containers to bind together effortlessly, it can convert bottles into an organized milk storage system.


Are you still using traditional milk bottles?

1.6 Hegen Breast Pump.

1.8 Interchangeable Feeding and Storage Lids

This Breast Pump allows mother easy to store up their breast milk and the bottles based on the interchangeable feeding and storage lids, mothers can store and feed within a single container. The bottles can be easily converted into breast milk storage without the transfer of milk by changing the lids. This minimizes wastage and making every drop count.


2. Teats Design

2.1 Super soft elliptical-shape silicone teat

Hegen Milk Bottles come with a super soft elliptical-shape silicone teat which able to mimics the natural breast of mothers to promote natural latch-on for babies.


This minimizes nipple confusion, making it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding.


2.2 Asymmetrical, Off-Centre Teat

The design of the teat was asymmetrical, Off-Centre Teat. This can minimize the tilt that conventional baby bottles require, reducing the risk of milk back-flow which may cause mid-ear to complicate.

2.3 Anti-Colic Air Vent System


Hegen Milk Bottles smart build-in Anti-Colic Air Vent System. This system can prevent air venting from bypasses the milk to prevent aeration, minimizing the oxidation on previous nutrients. This reduces excessive air intake, safeguarding your baby from tummy upsets.

So for a mummy can balance their work and health of baby by using these milk bottles because it can save a lot of time feeding the baby and can rest assured that baby from tummy upsets.


3. Comparison



Non-stick Oil

Interchangeable storage

Hegen Milk Bottle

PPSU(Smash Free)



Normal Milk Bottle





Hegen Milk Bottle

Normal Milk Bottle

off-center teats make feeding easier

Need to use 45‚ó¶ angels when feeding the baby

Super soft elliptical-shape silicone teat

Standard Shape Teats

Anti-Colic Air Vent System





Hegen milk bottle is your better choice for your beloved baby. It’s very convenient to use and a lot of features compared with others. This also a better choice for those looking at the present for a new mother.


What you still waiting for?

Click on the below link and get your first purchase with Hegen !!!

November 08, 2019 — CY Wee

BABYZEN available in new colours, Aqua and Toffee

Coming soon from 1st July 2019, Little Baby will retail the BABYZEN new colour packs, Aqua and Toffee! Discover them at our official collection page

June 12, 2019 — CY Wee
eXplorerkid,Baby & Junior Race is happening this June holidays, 15‚Äď16 June at Downtown East

eXplorerkid,Baby & Junior Race is happening this June holidays, 15‚Äď16 June at Downtown East


Little Baby is proud to work with @eXplorerkid for this amazing giveaway! Little Baby is also a proud sponsor of their signature event, @Baby & Junior Race 2019! (Pssst: Take part in the race and stand a chance to win up to $110 worth of Little Baby’s products and many more!)

We are giving away 2 race tickets to 2 Lucky Winners!

eXplorerkid,Baby & Junior Race is happening this June holidays, 15‚Äď16 June at Downtown East. Have your active little ones crawling, dashing and enjoying themselves in a race made just for them. Join the fun and receive FREE Wild Wild Wet Child Day Pass, attractive goodies, and stand to win prizes worth over $5,000. Don‚Äôt miss out on this weekend of family fun!

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May 30, 2019 — CY Wee

Maclaren Atom Style - Coming to Singapore in April 2019!

Maclaren Atom Style - Black

Maclaren Atom Style - Black

Preorder today at


Introducing the atom style set - a smart product for a smarter generation - designed with thoughtful standards for modern travel. The atom style set is super lightweight and small enough to travel in the overhead cargo of airplanes.  This one-stop shop stroller will take any traveler to the far corners of the galaxy and back.  Designed to meet the needs of families across space and time: car seat compatibility for the smallest of passengers, a multiple seat recline for curious explorers and super lightweight and compact fold for jet setters. 

  • The Lightest Compact Fold on the Market. The simple 2D fold beats the competition on basic weight at 4.9kg/10.8lb, carrying capacity at 25kg/55lb and age suitability. Designed to fit in the overhead compartment on British Airways aeroplanes with a folded dimension of 55cm/21.6in L x 45cm/17.7in W x¬† 24cm/9.4in H. The newborn appropriate seat means this is your one-stop-shop with no extra components needed from newborn to toddler years.¬†
  • Comfy and Perfect for Travel. The extendable hood is UPF 50+ and includes a peekaboo window with air vents.¬† The roomy multi-position reclining seat can convert into a cocooned environment for newborns using the Newborn Safety System‚ĄĘ.¬† The durable and breathable mesh fabric is removable and washable.

  • Smart Product for Active Parents. The atom Style Set includes a premium wind-resistant Raincover, Infant Comfort Pack with Shoulder Pads and Jockey Strap, embroidered Seat Liner and Storage Bag ready to roll right out of the box. Accessories sold separately, include Jet Pack, Organiser and Printed Seat Liners.
  • Transform the atom Style Set into a Travel System with the atom Car Seat Adaptors. Compatible with top selling infant car seats from Britax, Concord, Cybex and Maxi Cosi; Adaptors sold separately.¬†
  • Tested to Extremes. Built into every Maclaren stroller is our Global Safety Standard‚ĄĘ construction ‚Äď a set of highly-engineered security elements that meet or exceed the highest safety standards anywhere in the world, combined. Maclaren is the only brand to offer a Sovereign‚ĄĘ Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty. To safeguard your investment the stroller must be registered with Maclaren within 60 days of purchase.¬†

standard features

  • Sovereign‚ĄĘ Lifetime Warranty
  • Global Safety Standard‚ĄĘ
  • Lightweight Aircraft Grade Aluminium Chassis
  • Ergonomically Optimised Handles
  • Expandable Waterproof/UPF 50+ Hood and Built-In Sun Visor
  • Removable and Machine Washable Seats
  • 5-Point Safety Harness
  • Height Adjustable Shoulder Harness
  • Shock-Absorbing 4-Wheel Suspension
  • Lockable Front Swivel Wheels
  • Foot-Operated Linked Parking Brakes
  • Oversized Shopping Basket
  • Ships Fully-Assembled (no assembly required)
  • Self-Service Replaceable Parts Available¬†


Weight Capacity: 25kg
Basic Weight: 5.4kg
Length Open: 88cm
Width Open: 45cm
Height Open: 104cm

** Note: This is an authentic 100% set with lifetime warranty when you purchased at Little Baby. We have an in-house stroller specialist specialises with Maclaren strollers. Any point of time, you may send back the stroller to us for fault rectification. For parallel import sets, we can't manage the warranty coverage - please check before you purchase.

March 10, 2019 — CY Wee

Kanga Care x tokiSEA - Wet Bag

Launching on Friday, 25 Jan 2019, 12:00pm

Kanga Care x tokiSEA - Wet Bag only! Get it before it's all sold out. :) 

January 24, 2019 — CY Wee

Little Baby 12 Days Christmas Gift Away Facebook Contest

Take part in our Facebook Christmas Gift-away contest from 1 to 12 Dec 2018 and win attractive gift aways from the sponsored brands. 

Remember to check out this page for daily updates.

Biocair Christmas Gift Away Contest 
Win a set of BioCair¬ģ BC-65TM Ultimate Bundle worth S$248.20!
Winner: Eping Chua

Mother's Corn Christmas Gift Away Contest 
Win a set of Mother's Corn Learn & Play Mealtime Set worth S$109.90
Winner: Vivian Ong

Petunia Pickle Bottom Gift Away Contest 
Win a Limited Edition Mickey’s 90th Boxy Backpack
Winner: @mrsliow

B.Box Gift Away Contest
Win a B.Box Smock Bib 
Winner: RongQing Gabrielle

LOLBaby Gift Away Contest
Win a LOLBaby Nappy Bedding Set
Winner: Khoo Yi Xiu Jasmine

Designskin Gift Away Contest
Win a Designskin Dual Chi Mat
Winner:  Netty Lie

Tula Baby Carrier Gift Away Contest
Win a Tula Free to Grow Baby Carrier
Winner: @tesstheaww 

Reisenthel Gift Away Contest
Win a set of Reisenthel Kids Wallet & Pencil Case Contest
Winner: Imelda Ong

Hoppetta Gift Away Contest
Win Hoppetta Champignon 6 Layer Gauze 3 Way Sleeping Vest 
Winner: Esther Li Fj

Bonbijou Gift Away Contest
Win a Bonbijou car seat ~
Winner: Debra Chong


Results will be published in this page and FB post from 13 Dec 2018.

December 01, 2018 — CY Wee

Designskin Playmat and Bumper Mat Review - A Commercial Quality Grade

Designskin bumper mat and playmat singapore

Review rating: Excellent

Designskin provides children with a safe place to rest and provide space to make children's creativity and dreams come true. It is widely used in commercial like pre schools and residential homes. There is a reason for using Designskin as it is made of high quality materials. In Singapore, we have corporate customers using Designskin for their indoor playground, such as Trehauscowork, Clubcoconut and Pororo Park Singapore.

The quality of the Designskin material is far better than other brands in the market.

It uses Premium PU Memorial Fabric and High Density Compressed Air cell Pad.

About High Density Compressed Air cell Pad

The high-density compressed air cell cushion produced by the compression set process of only Designskin maintains a fine layer and reduces noise between floors. Besides it can be used safely and long with excellent durability and soft feeling of use.

About Safe PU Memorial Fabric

From the beginning, Designskin uses PU fabric without using toluene or DMF pollutants, so it can be safely used. You can use it safer through a safe process (washing, stretching, steaming) only with Designskin.

Some of the parents may ask if they should buy a folder mat or a rolling mat. Our answers will be rolling mat is usually thin and is about 1.2~1.5cm thickness, however it does not cushion impact of a fall. But usually they comes with cute designs. Folder mat on the other hand is much more recommended because of the thickness of 4cm. It has a very firm cushioning to the ground so even if a fall happens, children wont feel so much pain. That's probably you see why pre schools and commercial playground uses folder mats than a rolling mat.

Which Bumper Mat should customers buy?
There are not many options to choose for Bumper Mat in the market especially the good quality ones with great designs. Designskin Bumper Mat is the most economical and user friendly in terms of size and usability. Why so? Because it can be spread open like a playmat and it can be transformed into a box.

Only Designskin can have such a bumper mat when it is widely open!

How about indoor ball pit pool? So much fun with the stairs and slide into the pool pit!

Where to buy Bumper Mat?
You can shop it at

Designskin won many awards for their products.

Designskin is proven and tested for quality and safe products for commercial and home use. Safety certifications is obtained. 

November 30, 2018 — CY Wee

Euky Bear Sleepy Time!

From head lice to head colds, Euky Bear offers quality natural solutions families can trust.

The 100% Australian-owned range includes the famous Euky Bearub chest rub and Australia’s quietest warm steam vaporiser; child-friendly cough and cold options from newborn onwards, plus the innovative new Blitz Nitz head lice control range.

With almost 40 years of helping Aussie kids stay healthy, you can rely on Euky to take good care of your little koala bear.

Let baby know it’s time to rest. A gentle range of soothing, natural products to prepare your little one for sleep.

Compliment the Sleepy Time with the Sleepy Time Massage Balm and Sleepy Time Room Mist. We love this product so much that we even used it for ownself! :) 

Where to buy Euky Bear?
Available at Little Baby! Check out the link below!~

November 30, 2018 — CY Wee