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Parklon PURE Animal A-Z Playmat is available now!

Our most popular Animal A-Z design is now available under the PURE Bumper Playmat™ series.

Available in different sizes from S to XL!

PURE is the new premium bumper playmats series which comes with 'churros' type embossing.
With an upgrade to premium material used, this series of bumper playmats under PURE range is NOW AVAILABLE in Singapore.
Important features include:
- improved waterproof coating
- better sound proof for noise travelling between floors (upstairs & downstairs)
- 'churros' type (line pattern) embossing with an upgrade of cushion feel of the
  playmat material
- have passed more stringent safety criteria

Learning alphabets through fun animal names with interesting illustrations! This playmat provides a comfortable and safe play area for your child. 

Reverse side has a plain pattern - suitable for all ages and all occasions. It also makes small toy pieces more visible.

Check out here

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New Ju-Ju-Be’s Coastal Collection

Ju-Ju-Be’s Coastal Collection

Glittering mermaid scales or the perfect strand of pearls….or perhaps whitecaps on a brisk sailing day. This stunning print mixes and matches perfectly with all the other gems in Ju-Ju-Be’s Coastal Collection. Available 3/14! Coming on your way!

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BioCair® disinfectant suitable for everyone!

BioCair Anti-Bacterial Disinfectant

BioCair provides a range of lifestyle products that offers 99.999% protection from harmful germs in the environment and on common surfaces, thus keeping you and your family in the pink of health. BioCair® is a disinfectant that is suitable for home, office and many other environments.

How can I use BioCair products in my everyday life? 

1)  On-the-Go

With just 30 seconds BioCair® BC-65 Disinfectant Pocket Spray is able to kil bacteria, yeast and funguses, and kills spores under 60 seconds!® It is able to eliminate the toughest germs!

With its gentle qualities, it is the ideal product for hands and body, cutlery and children’s toys to any common surfaces, this handy pocket spray is ready on the go.


2)  At Home

BioCair® BC-65TM Ultimate Disinfecting Machine is a dry-mist machine that is designed to improve indoor air quality. Used together with BioCair BC-65 AIr Purifying Solution, the machine is able to produce dry disinfecting mist to kill airborne and suface germs. Turn on the machine 1 hour a day to keep your air free from germs & viruses! 

Available at

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The latest unicorn print on Frolic Tula Baby Carrier

Pretty!! Anyone with baby girls should get this unicorn print.

An added dash of playfulness will definitely brighten your day. That's why we are tickled pink over this Tula Baby Carrier! 'Frolic' filled with unicorn magic and pink hearts! 'Frolic' has a perfectly pink backdrop with unicorns frolicking amongst hearts and soft green foliage. Peachy smooth light gray canvas covers the waist and arm straps; and the comfy leg padding has striped patterns in pink hues and gold stars. It's hard not to wear a smile when carrying your baby in this easy-to-use, ergonomic Tula.

Detail View

Purchase now at Little Baby for standard carrier 

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Review on B.Box Sippy Cup

Just wanted to drop you a message to say how happy we are with the B.Box Sippy Cup that we got. :)

My boy loves it and can't get his hands off it. He keeps wanting to hold onto it and sip from the cup. N even plays with it. Just see how happy he is from the photo. :D

I have to say B Box Sippy cup is amazing! My boy can only hold the cup at an angle and thanks to the weighted straw he is able to drink from it smoothly! It is also light enough for him to grip and hold the cup on his own. And of cos as a mother, am glad it is BPA free. Plus there's so many pretty bright colours to choose from, which of cos attracts my boy's attention.

Thanks for the lovely product!


To purchase: go to

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Jujube Super Toki & Sweet Victory

* photo credit jujube sea fb page.

Dear Customers, thank you for all queries. Please be informed that Little Baby will not be part of the new launch for the Super Toki and Sweet Victory. We look forward for your support for upcoming Tokidoki collection in months time to come. :)

Feel free to email us if you have any questions. Thank you once again.

From the management of Little Baby

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Why you should get your Baby a Lolbaby Folding Bumper Bed

Why you should get your Baby a Lolbaby Folding Bumper Bed

As one of those parents, you are most aware of the fact that you only want what is best your baby. This is the main reason why we spend too much of our time, money and effort choosing the best baby products for them. One of the most important things you must purchase for your baby is the bedding types that will give them comfort and safety.
With the different bedding types that are made available on the market, it can be difficult choosing from among the beddings. There is no need to worry anymore as LOLBaby is here to give you the best bedding suited for your baby. We proudly offer our bumper bed that could give your baby the most exciting, most relaxing and safest experience at such a young age.

Your baby needs to be comfortable when they sleep. Neither dust nor insects should reach them. The lolbaby folding bumper bed comes in handy as it has bumpers that are too high for the baby and dust particles cannot pass through. When you want to have a family chat and stay with the baby until they sleep, the bed is very spacious. It saves you money as you do not have to buy another bed until your little one is aged 8.
Bumper Bed with Insect / Mosquito Net
Here are some of the reasons why you need to choose our LOLBaby bumper bed over other beddings available in the market:
  • Safe & Protection
Every parent wants their kids to be safe. The bumpers are what enhance safety as they are the highest in all the products of the bed. The zippers are of nontoxic material thus they are not harmful to the little ones. Our bumper bed have been proven and certified to be safe for your baby.
There are many advantages of choosing this folding bumper bed for your little one. From protecting your baby against allergens and skin issues to their comfort, your baby will love bed times. If your little ones have respiratory and dermatitis issues, you do not need to worry when you buy Lolbaby bumper bed. It blocks dust and tick from passing through. It suctions water without issues.
  • High Quality Materials
Our bumpers are specifically designed from the best and quality materials, they also need to go through a thorough QA inspection before packaging. Excellent workmanship to ensure finest sewing in the bumper bed. The purpose is to ensure that our beddings will not be damaged easily. This is also because of the fact that the materials are made of quality materials. Apart from that, your baby will enjoy it staying in this mat as it does not go through a wear and tear process.
  • Excellent Shock Absorption
Shock absorption is very important in a bed and in this bumper bed, it is excellent. To enhance this, the bed is made of high-class cloud cotton and not recycled cotton. This also boosts the safety of the baby.
  • Cost Effective
It is cost effective since it serves newborns up to the age of 8. No more buying beds after every one year.
  • Washing the Bumper Mat
With its strong and flexible fabric, washing the lolbaby bumper mat is easy since it’s washable by hand or machine. Neutral detergent works better, and it is not advisable to use bleach. Lightly squeeze when done with the washing.
  • The Two Sizes of the Lolbaby Bumper Bed
You can get a large or standard bed depending on your preference. For the extra large size, the matt thickness is 5cm, the bumper height is 55cm while its outer dimension is 120 x 170 cm. for the standard one, the bumper height is 40 cm while the mattress has a thickness of 5cm while the dimension is 100 by 120.
  • Durable
Our bumper beds are also durable as compared to other bed types. This means to say that it will stand the test of time. This is especially when it is given with proper care and attention. Our bumper bed can still be used by your babies to come in the future.
So, what else are you waiting for? With the high quality features that our bumper beds at LOLBaby can offer, you are assures that these are all worth of your investment. We are also very confident that with our bumper bed, your baby can get the comfort and safety that he or she is deserved to have.

The time, money and effort you will have to spend in choosing us over others are all worth it. We will simply give you the best mat for your baby.


As a parent, you are more comfortable when your baby sleeps in comfort. A lolbaby bumper bed is as soft as silk which offers the best comfort. If you are a parent or a parent to be and you are looking for a comfortable bed for your little one, get this amazing lolbaby bed. Its durable and you will not have to buy a baby bed every year.
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5 Tips to Decorate the Nursery Room

Nursery room is a particular room wherein you notice a lot of growth happening. From plants to babies, everybody grows in this specific room. Here, I am going to talk about nursery room for kids.

Most of the working parents are unable to look after their kids as they need to leave their homes to go to work. This is where nursery rooms come into the picture to help them.

Such a room is designed, created and decorated in such a way that your baby doesn’t feel isolated or doesn’t miss the parents much. The baby is taken care of in the most efficient manner.

If you are planning to have your very own nursery room, here are a few tips that can help you with the decorations:

  • Place a baby cot for the toddler: If you have a lot of toddlers to take care of, you need several baby cots. Since you can’t stuff two to three babies in just a single cot, place at least four to five cots so that you can take care of all the toddlers who come to you.
  • Ensure to keep safe and clean furniture: The furniture that you use in the nursery room needs to be clean, tidy and safe for the toddlers. What if you are not around in the room and the toddler wakes up and starts touching the pointy or sharp edges of the wall cabinet in the room? It is always good to check the safety of all the furniture placed in the nursery room.
  • Use cushions to decorate the room: If you want to take good care of all the toddlers in your nursery room, you need to have several cushions for them. Cushions protect children from banging their heads on the ground when they fall down.
  • Make sure you have a playmat on the floor, where the baby can play: Toddlers don’t sleep all day long; they too get up and play. You can always purchase and use playmats for not only the toddlers in your nursery, but also the other kids, who love playing on the floor.
  • Use a little bit of music to help the child or children sleep: Music soothes toddlers and other kids when they try to sleep. If you want the little angels to sleep peacefully, you need to put music in your nursery room.

Written by Little Baby

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Audrey Mummy reviewed B.Box Sippy Cup!

After many attempts to look for a reasonably priced and functional sippy cup, my hubby and i have resigned to our fate in always having to clean up after my daughter whenever she drinks water/milk. Not until one day when we were given the sippy cup to try. I was initially skeptical but was quickly convinced when we tried it on our daughter. It was really leak proof (which means no matter what angle it was tilted or shaken, no drops of water came out). Also, there was a little resistance to sucking the liquids out of the cup, which is good as babies who are learning to suck, would not get choked easily. 

The cup has 2 handles, which allow babies to learn how to hold their cup independently. The cup can hold a substantial amount of fluids and has a broad base for easy cleaning. The only con that i have was the cleaning of the thin straw with the weight on it. However, I heard that the replacement straws are readily available online from or in major kiddy shops. Overall, i think this is a solution to a mess-free sticky (because of milk) situation!

Written by Audrey Lau

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Why Tula Baby Carrier is preferred by many parents

Being a mom is a blessing that cannot be compared with any other happiness in the world. Thus, a mother always wants her baby to be near her. They want to curl up to their newborn especially when they are dressed in the latest and most cute clothes.

This is the reason that the modern mothers especially who have to go on work are preferring the Tula Baby Carrier that is allowing them to keep their baby always near them. It will make the mothers experience every step of their child’s development because of the following qualities.


The Tula Baby Carrier will provide you with the following benefits:

Proper balance

When the baby is carried in a carrier, it allows them to maintain and exercise their vestibular system. Thus, it helps them to have the proper growth and develop the balance. It helps to develop the motor system of the body, as the baby is free to breathe and move easily. It also makes them visually and auditory alert because they hear and watch different things every day. Thus, you will see improved development in the very first year of the life of your newborn.

Maintenance of daily activities

This allows the parents to manage their busy schedule without getting their baby out of their site. The product has been ergonomically designed to make sure that it is easy to do the house tasks, go to shopping and meet the requirements of the baby.

The best thing about the Tula Baby Carrier is that it will allow the mothers to easily feed the baby even in public without anyone noticing. It will keep the mother and the child comfortable. The child will learn to pick the breathing rhythms of the mother and thus, manage his or her irregular breathing.

Monitor the breathing of infant

In this age, many of the parents pay special importance while selecting the clothes or picking the toys for their newborn. However, in order to enhance the development and safety of their child, the Tula Baby Carrier should be given as much importance.

When you keep the baby near your chest it will be easier for your monitor his or her activities. You will know when your child is sleeping. It will provide you with the peace of mind when you know that your child is under your protection and care. The head and neck of the baby are properly supported and the airway is not blocked.

Extend the experience of womb

It will help to regulate the systems of the baby and thus will enhance your experience of the womb. It allows the newborn to easily adjust in an environment that is not protective like the womb of the mother as well as he feels comfortable near the protection of parents. The baby will enjoy the position as he is completely supported. It will get the baby is the position exactly as he had in the womb. It will make the baby feel comfortable because he can hear the beats of his mother.


The Tula Baby Carrier has the perfect ergonomic design. It has been designed with the soft interior to make the bond stronger between the child and his parents. The mesh panel of the carrier has been designed in such a way that it will hug around the parent wearing it as well as it will support the back of the child to make sure that his spine is properly supported and it is in the right posture.

The buckles of the carrier will make it convenient to wear; as well, the baby will be secured. The best thing about the design of the Tula Baby Carrier is that it can carry the baby in the infancy to the toddlerhood. So if your baby is tired from walking simply carry him around. The structure of the baby carrier has been designed in such a way that the parents will not get tired of carrying the baby despite the duration.

The design of the carrier will not let the shoulders carry the weight as it will convert it towards the hips region thus, preventing the body from going into the slumping posture.


The Tula Baby Carrier has been manufactured with the highest quality material. All the fabric and the support system used in the making of the bag are first tested to ensure that it is durable and then the best workers design it. They work under strict supervision to make sure that there is no room for error in the quality or design of the carrier.

It is made from 100% cotton to ensure that the child is giving a soft and comfortable support. In addition, several paddings are added in several regions of the carrier for the perfect support. The dura flex buckles and the high-quality snap buttons make it long lasting and durable. Thus, it will be the companion of your baby as long as you want to keep him under your protection
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Trying to Conceive? Tips for Men and Women | Little Baby

Trying to Conceive? Tips for Men and Women

It usually takes two to make a baby. Though it is a woman’s responsibility to conceive and deliver the child, a man also has an important role to play. Generally, for fertilization to occur, the man’s sperm must be strong and healthy enough to reach and penetrate the woman’s egg. For this to occur, the man must be able to have and keep an erection, have enough semen to transport the sperm to the eggs and have enough sperm that is of the optimum shape and move in the right manner.

For women, the desire to have offspring can motivate some to make healthier lifestyle choices. They may pay more attention to the drugs, food, and beverages they put in their body. Some may be encouraged to exercise. For men and women who want to optimize their fertility, taking a good care of their body is an important step. So what else can couples do to improve their chances of having a baby? In this article, we are going to discuss some tips that could fast track the conception process.


Lose Weight

Different studies have suggested that situations in which the man is overweight and the woman is of normal weight result into a longer conception time than couples with no weight problem. Other research has also pointed to the fact that being obese can affect a man’s sperm motility, which reduces sperm count and their ability to swim. Recently, a study discovered that obese men are more likely to have low sperm count when compared to optimal weight men which could possible make it a little harder for those men to father children.

Quit Smoking

Several studies have shown a direct correlation between smoking and reduced sperm quality. Male smokers are more likely to have higher numbers of abnormally shaped sperm. They are also more likely to have low sperm count and highly decreased sperm mobility and motility. Prospective fathers are advice to avoid cigarette, marijuana, and other recreational drugs.

Manage Your Health

Managing chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure effectively will highly improve your chances of getting your partner pregnant. Some other conditions like cystic fibrosis may also affect male fertility if not properly treated. Some STD’s are also known to negatively affect a man’s fertility if not properly treated.

Daily Multivitamin

Daily multivitamin intake is recommended for men. It doesn’t harm but has a lot of potential benefits. Most multivitamin formulation for the male folks might include antioxidant like vitamin C and E, and the minerals Zinc and Selenium. Antioxidants are known to cause the increase in sperm count and movement.


Keep Menstrual Circle Record and Ovulation

Women who want to get pregnant should pay a lot more attention their menstrual circle. They should monitor if the first day of their period tends to arrive in the same numbers of days apart or whether it varies from month to month. Seeing your period on the same numbers of days apart signify a regular menstrual circle; the menstrual circle is irregular if the days vary. By accurately tracking the menstrual circle, women can best predict when they are ovulating which is the best time for conception. Conception usually occurs during or soon after ovulation as the eggs are released from the ovaries. So knowing when this time will come and planning to have sex during before and during that period will greatly improve her chances of conceiving within that particular menstrual circle.

Regular Sex

Generally, the “fertile window” in a regular menstrual circle spans a period of five days before ovulation and the day of ovulation. These are the most fertile days of the menstrual circle. Some studies have discovered that conception is most likely when intercourse occurs two days before ovulation. However, couples should have regular sex regardless of the period in the menstrual circle. Regular sex increases the chances of getting pregnant regardless of when it occurs. Waiting for the period of evolution to have sex is not the best idea if you want to get pregnant.

Stop Smoking

Smoking can lead to severe fertility issue with both sexes. Chemicals such as carbon monoxide and nicotine found in smoke can speed the loss rate of a woman’s egg. It is also advisable for a woman who wants to get pregnant to avoid second-hand smoke as it also affects the chances of getting pregnant. Marijuana and other recreation drugs are also not recommended when you are trying to get pregnant.

Fertility Friendly Environment

Regular exposure to farm and lawn pesticide, chemical solvent or pollutant used at home or work can greatly reduce a woman’s fertility. It is recommended she takes some steps to minimize the level of exposure by wearing protective gloves, masks, glasses and clothing around potentially harmful materials. Stress management is also an important element in creating a fertility friendly environment. Trying to conceive is stressful enough for most couples. Though it is not clear how much stress affects a woman’s chance of getting pregnant, it makes sense for the woman to have a good coping strategy to help manage the stress at all time. Women can relax the body and mind by taking a deep breath, exercising, listening to music and doing yoga.


Finally, couples should seriously consider having an infertility evaluation if the woman is well above 35 years and has not become pregnant after more than six months of having regular sex without using birth control. It is also recommended that a woman of 34 years or below consult a fertility specialist with her partner if she failed to get pregnant after more than one year of having unprotected sex on regular basis.

Article by Little Baby

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What Type of Playmat Should you Buy?

What Type of Playmat Should you Buy?

When you turn into a parent, your major responsibilities and duties are towards the little angel in your arms. You do it with all your heart and love. There can be nothing better than doing different things for your baby with all the love that you have in yourself.

You know how important the first gift is to your baby and you?

If you want to buy something that your baby cherishes the most, buy him a playmat!

A playmat is a flat piece of material (a mat) that’s designed and manufactured for little kids to play on. They can comfortably sit, stand, sleep and play on such mats without being affected by the temperature of the floor. When kids play on a Little Baby Playmat, they feel awesome because they don’t get hurt when they fall on the soft surface of the mat; they also feel protected from germs on the floor.

But what kind of a playmat should you buy, when there are different types of mats available in the market?

From bumper playmat, which is a soft mat with different cute prints, to bumper bed, which is a fluffy mat on which the baby can sleep, different playmats are available for you to choose from. All you need to do is find out what kind of a playmat you need to buy for your angel.

Read below to get the tips:

  • Find out your requirements:
    The first thing that you need to do before selecting any type of playmat is check your needs. Make a list of things you want so that you can buy a mat that has all the features you need. For an instance, do you want a pink mat or a blue colored one? Add minor details to your list.

  • Check the mat according to the age of your baby:
    You need a playmat that suffices the needs of your baby; thus, select one depending upon his age. If he is a toddler, buy something that’s fluffier – select a bumper bed for him. On the other hand, if he is above the age of 5, let him have his very own flat playmat.

  • Read about the quality of the mat you are thinking of buying:
    You have to keep an eye on what people have written about the mat’s quality. If most of the parents have been satisfied with the quality of a particular bumper playmat, buy it for your little one.

  • Measure the space of your house where you are thinking of placing the playmat:
    While buying a particular type of playmat, make sure you measure the space of your room. You can’t buy a large playmat when you have a smaller room. Don’t make your house appear stuffed by the playmat of your baby; buy a smaller one for a compact room.

  • Buy something that would keep your baby engrossed for a long period of time:
    You have to focus on buying a mat that keeps your baby engrossed so that you can get some free time for yourself. This is one of the purposes of buying a playmat for your child. If your kid goes to kindergarten, he can read the alphabets printed on the playmat he plays on.

  • Find a mat that suits the gender of your baby:
    There are different playmats available for both, the baby girls and the baby boys. If you have a baby boy, buy a playmat has cars or animals printed on it; on the other hand, if you have a baby girl, buy a playmat with princess and other such beautiful things printed to grab her attention.

  • Ensure the mat has a soft surface so that your baby doesn’t get hurt when he falls on it:
    It doesn’t matter if you buy a flat playmat, a bumper bed or a bumper playmat; all that matters is that it has a soft and smooth surface so that your baby is protected from getting hurt when he falls on it.

  • If you have a toddler, buy a mat that has dangling toys attached to keep him busy:
    There are a few playmats that have dangling toys attached; these toys keep your toddler busy for a long period of time. He keeps playing with them and also falls asleep by staring at their wonderful colors and textures. Such toys not only relax his mind, but also give you some free time to do the other chores as well.

  • There are mats in the shape of puzzles:
    Some of the playmats are available in different shapes of puzzles. If you want your kid to have a sharper brain, such a playmat can help him grow. Such playmats focus on developing the motor skills of your kid, as well, since he needs to detach and attach the pieces of the puzzles.

Creamhaus, Dwinguler, Foldaway, Parklon, LG playmat is available in store.

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