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"With excellent ergonomics, quality fabrics and craftsmanship, and great functionality, the Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier is an easy-to-use, comfortable baby carrier that suits early infancy to toddlerhood nicely"

At Little Baby, we are the authorizer retailer for TULA Baby Carriers. We carry a limited designs based on popularity chosen from customers. All TULA Baby Carriers are on while stock last and they are out of stock at quite a fast pace. Designs once sold out may not be available again. If you like that design, don't hesitate before it disappeared. ;)

TULA Baby Carriers come in many designs and there are some designs which is very suitable for daddies too. Like the baby carrier shown below 'Olive' is a neutral tone of green that adds a lively freshness to your daily look. Daddies, this one suits you!


For mummies who love cute designs, TULA Baby Carriers has them for you. Too many designs for you to choose from. Sometimes, I feel like buying most of the designs!!! I must be crazy. xD


Coming in DEC 2015, we will restock some designs that have been sold out. And also bringing new designs. Campy, Oh My! and Vivian~ which one do you like? 

Our Christmas and New Collection Listing promotion for TULA Baby Carriers will end on 30 Dec 2015. After that, pricing will change back to RRP at S$229. Thank you

Link: http://www.littlebaby.com.sg/collections/tula-baby-carriers-singapore


December 09, 2015 — Little Baby

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