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After many attempts to look for a reasonably priced and functional sippy cup, my hubby and i have resigned to our fate in always having to clean up after my daughter whenever she drinks water/milk. Not until one day when we were given the sippy cup to try. I was initially skeptical but was quickly convinced when we tried it on our daughter. It was really leak proof (which means no matter what angle it was tilted or shaken, no drops of water came out). Also, there was a little resistance to sucking the liquids out of the cup, which is good as babies who are learning to suck, would not get choked easily. 

The cup has 2 handles, which allow babies to learn how to hold their cup independently. The cup can hold a substantial amount of fluids and has a broad base for easy cleaning. The only con that i have was the cleaning of the thin straw with the weight on it. However, I heard that the replacement straws are readily available online from or in major kiddy shops. Overall, i think this is a solution to a mess-free sticky (because of milk) situation!

Written by Audrey Lau

December 03, 2016 — Little Baby

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