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#stayathome #wearmask #socialdistancing #weareopenonline #shopatlittlebaby
#stayathome #wearmask #socialdistancing #weareopen #shopatlittlebaby

Children Safety is Parents Top Priority

Children Safety is Parent's Top Priority

Getting hurt or injured at home is something uncommon especially when toddlers at growing stage is exploring things and tends to be more "hands on". Home safety is very important especially toddlers love to swing the doors as it is fun to them like playing hide and seek. 

Introducing our latest products, Jamm Door Stop and MyBoss Shield will prevent our little ones getting hurt on their fingers. 

We all know that traditional doorstops hold the door from one side only and are easily dislodged. They are unreliable, unsafe and frustrating to use. With the award-winning Jamm® doorstop's unique and patented design fits under the end of the door and stops the door moving in either direction. They are simple to use and effective on all floor surfaces. The solution to slamming doors, trapped fingers, damaged walls and trip hazards.

Jamm® doorstop is suitable for door gaps of 2mm to 25mm. It complies to the European General Product Safety Regulation (2005). Designed and Made in GB.

Jamm Door Stop is now available at Little Baby. Check it out :)


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