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Designskin bumper mat and playmat singapore

Review rating: Excellent

Designskin provides children with a safe place to rest and provide space to make children's creativity and dreams come true. It is widely used in commercial like pre schools and residential homes. There is a reason for using Designskin as it is made of high quality materials. In Singapore, we have corporate customers using Designskin for their indoor playground, such as Trehauscowork, Clubcoconut and Pororo Park Singapore.

The quality of the Designskin material is far better than other brands in the market.

It uses Premium PU Memorial Fabric and High Density Compressed Air cell Pad.

About High Density Compressed Air cell Pad

The high-density compressed air cell cushion produced by the compression set process of only Designskin maintains a fine layer and reduces noise between floors. Besides it can be used safely and long with excellent durability and soft feeling of use.

About Safe PU Memorial Fabric

From the beginning, Designskin uses PU fabric without using toluene or DMF pollutants, so it can be safely used. You can use it safer through a safe process (washing, stretching, steaming) only with Designskin.

Some of the parents may ask if they should buy a folder mat or a rolling mat. Our answers will be rolling mat is usually thin and is about 1.2~1.5cm thickness, however it does not cushion impact of a fall. But usually they comes with cute designs. Folder mat on the other hand is much more recommended because of the thickness of 4cm. It has a very firm cushioning to the ground so even if a fall happens, children wont feel so much pain. That's probably you see why pre schools and commercial playground uses folder mats than a rolling mat.

Which Bumper Mat should customers buy?
There are not many options to choose for Bumper Mat in the market especially the good quality ones with great designs. Designskin Bumper Mat is the most economical and user friendly in terms of size and usability. Why so? Because it can be spread open like a playmat and it can be transformed into a box.

Only Designskin can have such a bumper mat when it is widely open!

How about indoor ball pit pool? So much fun with the stairs and slide into the pool pit!

Where to buy Bumper Mat?
You can shop it at

Designskin won many awards for their products.

Designskin is proven and tested for quality and safe products for commercial and home use. Safety certifications is obtained. 

November 30, 2018 — CY Wee

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