New Launch - Playmobil Ghostbusters at Little Baby Store!

New Launch - Playmobil Ghostbusters

Playmobil GhostbustersIs something spooky haunting your neighborhood? No problem – anyone who is ready to tackle supernatural spirits can now become a PLAYMOBIL Ghostbuster! With the new Ghostbusters™ playsets, children can slip into the role of their greatest heroes and become a part of the exciting world of Ghostbusters.


The tools included in the playsets are close to the original and sure to do the trick during authentic ghost hunts. From fold-out ghost traps to the essential proton lasers, and “nuclear-powered” proton packs to “PKE meters,” the Ghostbusters are perfectly equipped for any paranormal activity.


PLAYMOBIL’s materialization of the popular comedy classic has already become iconic, and now, the brand invites all fans to become a Ghostbuster themselves. Thanks to PLAYMOBIL, children and adults alike are now able to immerse themselves in their favorite imaginary world. Let’s get the proton lasers ready, and the ghost hunting can begin!

For ages 6+

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