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Which Playmat Should I buy for my beloved baby?

Which Playmat Should I buy for my beloved baby?

In this article, we will compare on PVC playmats and Designskin’s playmats and let you know which is better to own it.

  1. Features
    • Production and Material
    • Design and Features
    • Thickness
  2. Comparison Chart
  3. Summary

                DesignSkin's Playmats                              PVC Playmats 



Did you know what the difference between PVC playmat and DesignSkin playmat?

Let’s Compare between these 2 types of playmat then you will know which brand you should buy for your baby


1.1 Production and material

PVC playmat is produced by a PVC material that is very dense compared to most plastics.  PVC is readily available and cheap so it’s easy to manufacture by a factory.


Compared to this,

DesignSkin’s play mat is produced by a Foam mat from PU Leather and is manufactured in South Korea with high-quality commercial grade foam and material.

Design Skin play mat manufactured by 100% Hand-made, the high degree of handwork are made by the Asian best artisan

High-quality material is nontoxic, soft and smooth for babies and children to play without any harm.



1.2 Design

PVC mats are waterproof and come with a simple design that came with small puncture holes on it.


 PVC mats are waterproof but the mat itself is pretty slippery just due to the top coating placed on it.

It will have some noises when walking with bare feet which no provide noise reduction features


Compared on it,

DesignSkin’s play mat designed a good quality and safe kids playmats with unique design and it’s manufactured by 100% Hand-made, the high degree of handwork is made by the Asian best artisan

DesignSkin’s playmat is good quality and safe kids play mats with a unique design. It’s foldable and divided into 4 colors. Based on these features, it can be downsized to 60cm by 135cm, which fits into smaller rooms.

DesignSkin's innovative, patented design allows our playmats and furniture to easily transform into various shapes and structures. 

The cover is made by nontoxic luxury PU artificial leather and its water resistance.


1.3 Thickness

PVC mats thickness is about 1.2cm to 1.5 cm and light.

It that able to ensure the safety of kids from friction caused by creeping on the ground but if the baby falls on the floor, the PVC mat is not thick enough to protect the baby as the mat is too thin to cushion.

Even by a baby nail, this Mat is scratched and punctured very easily so you must be careful when using it to avoid any scratched.

Compared to this,

Designskin’s playmat will be more safe and comfortable because it comes with thickness 4cm that spacious and safe enough for children to jump, play and sleep on it. 

Designskin’s playmat provided a very cushion as it cannot touch to the floor level. It can fully protect baby from fall on floors.

Based on water-resistance features, we can easily clean the playmats without any trace

The most important things are this mat has 57% of effective noise reduction rate and it is no harmful hazards when the heating


2.Comparison Chart


DesignSkin’s Playmat

PVC Playmat


Foam Mat PU Leather

PVC mat


100% Hand-made

Industry production

Features Layout

Dual-sided, Able to transform into various shape and structures

Dual-sided  can be rolled up

Water Resistance



Noise Reduction

Yes, 57% of effective noise reduction rate

No, horrible peeling noises when walking with bare feet


Innovative, patented design

Simple with small puncture holes



1.2cm to 1.5 cm

Cushion support

4cm with good cushion(Cannot feel the ground)

PVC mat 1.2-1.5cm(Lack of cushion-Direct floor impact)

Downsize Features

Yes, can be downsized to 60cm by 135cm





Based on this 2 comparison, Designskin’s play mat prevents a must better features and design that able to ensure children from being harm compared with PVC mat. It’s able to transform into various shapes and structures, so it is very convenient to use which is a PVC mat can’t provide to you. Try to imagine you playing with your kids and you transform the shape of play mat to play in a different game. In this case, children also will not be feeling bored with it.

After surveying all the differences, which brand would you prefer for your baby and children?

My answers are DesignSkin’s!!!




November 10, 2019 — Little Baby Malaysia

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