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Happy Birthday Singapore!
Happy Birthday Singapore!

Hoppetta Pouchron Sleeveless Meal Bib - Poka Yellow

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Hoppetta Sleeveless Meal Bib - Polka Yellow

Meal Bib

Roll around the apron and store it in the pouch! "Pouchron" The function of meal apron and pouch got together. It is a very useful item to carry along with fork and spoon etc. necessary for meals. The pocket is useful to catch the spillage of food. An essential meal bib you should consider. 

*"Polka" is a European folk dance, characterized by light dance. It is a fun series that looks like small motifs are dancing.

Patterned area: 100% cotton (PVC processed)
Solid color: 100% nylon (Teflon processing)

Length about 28 cm
Neck rotation about 29 - 32 cm
Pouch size: about 28.5 × 12 cm

Designed and manufacture in Japan