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Hoppetta Cute Koalin with Chime

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Hoppetta Champignon Futon Set

Hoppetta Cute Koalin with Chime

There is a small mushroom on its head. It is so cute that every babies seek attention to this toy.

You can raise anything from front to back and from right and left. 

A warm and beautiful timbre of the chime will gently stimulate the baby's hearing and vision. 

* Facial expression differs slightly depending on the product. 

● How to Care 
Washing can not be done. When dirt is anxious, we recommend partial washing of the surface fabric with a small amount of neutral detergent. 

Stuffed toy side: cotton, polyester 
in wad: polyester 100% 
chime: ABS resin 

about 11 × 11 × height 19 cm 

Made in Japan