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Happy Birthday Singapore!
Happy Birthday Singapore!

Monee Baby Bowl - Pink

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by Monee
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Monee Baby Bowl - Pink

Product Description

  • Meterial: Silicone, PP
  • Size: 135 x 107 x 56 (150ml)
  • Temperature Tolerance: 40c~250c
  • Made: Korea

Set of silicone lid, baby bowl, and handles. It is easy to use when you feed baby food, or your baby can easily grab the bowl when eating alone.

Product details

3 Pieces set

Set of removable silicone lid, baby bowl, and handles.

Table bowl

You can use it for a table bowl by attaching the handles.

Stack-able designed

If you want to store baby food in the bowl, you can remove the handles and stack bowls to save space.

Special features

Good things about

Monee silicone bowl

Leak-proof Round Design

Monee Silicone Bowľ round sides make spoon use easy and prevent food from leaking out of the bowl.

Slanted bottom design

The slanted bottom sides of rice and soup parts make food gather to one side, so your kid can finish the last piece of food easily.

Convenient Measuring Gradation

The inside of the bowl is marked with ml. unit for measuring, so you can easily feed your kid according to age.