Chicco Breast Pad 30 Pcs

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Chicco Breast Pad 30 Pcs

Nursing pads are indispensable for a mother, especially when she is regularly feeding her little one. During her pregnancy or even when she has to feed her toddler, a mother can experience leaking issues, which is due to the colostrums or breast milk. Nursing pads can keep her breasts dry and at ease for a long time. Chicco presents Anti-Bacterial Absorb Nursing Pads that keep the nipples dry for a long time.

The Chicco Anti-Bacterial Absorb Nursing Pads are made of antibacterial fabrics that prevent the production of bacteria on the breast’s skin, thus avoiding rashes and irritations on its tender surface. The Chicco nursing pads will ensure that the breasts remain clean and dehydrated, by providing perfect hygienic conditions, which helps to heal. The Anti-bacterial molecule of the healing therapy does not get transmitted to the breast’s skin and therefore when a mother will feed her little angel, the anti-bacterial molecules will not come in contact with its mouth.

The non-woven and breathable fabric has a double external layer in it, which fights against rashes and skin irritations and also allows the skin and nipple to breathe. The Chicco Anti-Bacterial Absorb Nursing Pads has super absorbent micro pearls that can retain the fluid and stops it from leaking out to the skin of the breast. The product is very useful and is a major requirement for all mothers. So you can buy the Anti-Bacterial Absorb Nursing Pads from Chicco and keep yourself and your little one protected from bacterial attacks and infections.

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