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Monee Baby Spoon - Blue

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by Monee
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Monee Baby Spoon -  Blue

Monee baby spoon is BPA free. It is made of platinum silicone which is used only for safe silicone material medical supplies and baby goods, and it is flexible and safe material that does not stimulate baby's gums.

Convenient feeling Lightweight and slim, you can use it easily when you give it to your baby.

Product Description

Flexible safe material to product and baby's gum. The light and slim design make it easy for mom to feed weaning food.

  • Material: Spoon-Silicone
  • Temperature Tolerance: 40c~250c
  • Manufactured by Monee
  • Made in Korea

For your baby's safety and health.


  • Always use this product under adult supervision.
  • Before first use, inspect the product.
  • Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness.
  • Keep all component not in use out of reach child.
  • Always check the food temperature before feeding.
  • This product conforms to BS EN 14372 standard.


  • Please make sure to wash before use.
  • DO NOT eat or swallow the product.
  • This is not a toy; use as feeding utensil only.
  • DO NOT microwave
  • Please avoid the heating element such as electronic stove
  • Please use the soft sponge with natural detergent instead of brush or bleach
  • Strong colour food may dye product