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Pigeon Porridge Cooking Pot (Japan)

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by Pigeon


Pigeon Porridge Cooking Pot (Japan)

Cooking your baby’s solid food always an additional task for mealtime? With PIGEON Porridge Pot, things just got easier. Now, you can cook your baby porridge together with your family rice by using just one rice cooker. Porridge pot is made from stainless steel with strong resistance against heat and impact.

How to make porridge?
Measure suitable amount of rice into the porridge cooking pot based on the measurement guide provided.
Add some water into the porridge cooking pot. Markings are available on the pot to help measurements of how much water are needed for the rice
Place the family rice pot into the rice cooker
Place the porridge cooking pot in the center of the family rice pot
Start rice cooking as usual. Once the rice is cooked, leave it for 15 minutes.
Place the heat-shield cover on the porridge cooking pot to enable easy lifting while it is still hot
The strainer can be used to prepare finer porridge for babies who prefer finer food or in their early weaning stage

What's in the box:
1 x Pigeon Porridge Cooking Pot