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#wearmask #socialdistancing #weareopen #shopatlittlebaby

Taf Toys Musical Sleepy Owl

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Taf Toys Musical Sleepy Owl

Taf Toys Musical Sleepy Owl

Musical toy with soothing and activity melodies
Activated by the baby and the parent
With detachable music unit activates as glowing night light

Baby develops cognitive skills and emotional intelligence by listening to the soothing melodies and nature sounds. Baby develops senses and cognitive skills, by activating the play time melodies

  • soothing melodies and nature sounds
  • play time melodies
  • glowing night light
  • detachable music box
  • activated by pulling teether and string or by pressing the light bulb
  • activated by baby or by parent


Taf Toys Sleepy owlTaf Toys Sleepy owl