Parklon Air Playmat - Terrazzo Square (L40)

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Parklon Air Bubble Playmat is a 4cm thick playmat that uses Parklon's patented technology – a breathing air bubble/air hole design that allows the air to circulate evenly to provide a light and soft cushion. Comes with excellent cushioning to protect your child from impact,  perfect for babies who turn over and are about to learn how to walk.  Optimal density and softness that is comfortable, even for sleeping that is based on your weight, body pressure and body shape. This playmat is a must for all modern homes! Now you can provide your child with a safe play area yet not compromise the look of your interior space.

  • Reversible playmat with double-sided design
  • Micro-sized air hole design
  • Helps air circulation to increase the cushioning feeling and extend the durability 
  • Three-stage shock absorption technology - 4cm thick
  • Reduce noise between floors by up to 61%
  • Made of safe materials, passed extremely stringent safety criteria & quality test (BPA Free, Non-toxic)
  • Strong impact absorption
  • CertiPUR certified - hypoallergic material, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Waterproof - Easy to clean

Dimensions: 2100 x 1500 x 40mm

Note: Due to the material property that is slightly stretchable, please allow a 3-5% tolerance in size.

All Parklon Playmats come with ONE YEAR WARRANTY against Defects In Materials and Workmanship!

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