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Four Reasons Why You Need A Princeton Mommy Diapers Bag

Any parent or guardian would know how challenging it is to care for a newborn or a toddler, particularly so when on the road. There are always so many things to prepare and bring along, and more often than not we only realize that we have left junior’s favorite toy or pacifier back home the moment he started crying. That being said, having the right set of tools would certainly make your life a lot easier, and owning a bag tailored specifically with childcare in mind, coined “mommy bag”, is the first step towards being a better parent or guardian.

Of course, the first question that comes to mind to most would be “Why do I need a mommy bag? Can’t I just use my normal backpack to carry everything my child needs?”. This question is only logical, considering that you only need to put all essentials into the bag. However, typical backpacks are designed to carry common items that an average person uses while on the go, like laptops, electronics, sweaters, books etc.; they lack specialized compartments for the storage of thermos, ice packs, baby bottles, diapers, wet tissues etc. which are generally bulkier. On top of that, the ease of access to compartments of a mummy bag is generally more streamlined, along with a long list of unique features that ensures convenience as well as comfort.

Princeton Mommy Bag – Packed Childcare Features in A Modern Design

The Princeton Mommy Bag comes in two different styles: hand carry and backpack. Each style comes with a variety of colors to choose from. Both bags are designed with convenience, comfort and style in mind and will definitely impress.

1. Designed for Durability

Before we even get into the details, the first thing to consider in any mommy bag is its capability to withstand heavy weights, after all, your child’s essentials are anything but light. Designed to carry up to 20 kg in weight, the Princeton Mommy Bag can easily accommodate your personal belongings in additional to those required by your child. The bag also features multiple, reinforced handles for ease of handling, regardless of your carrying style.

2. Designed for Convenience

The biggest feat of the Princeton Mommy Bag is the many configurations of the bag, and of course, the wide range of compartments and features each bag offers, all designed with ease-of-access in mind:

I. Numerous easy-to-access compartments
It is never easy to locate the item you require in a typical backpack due to the lack of specialized compartment, all your stuffs would be jumbled up and messy- you spend more time looking for your missing item than tending to your kid.

The Princeton Mommy Bag features more than 10 compartments, some of which are specialized to carry or insulate milk bottles, dispense wet tissues, store diapers etc. Much thought was put into the designing of each and every compartment the Princeton bag, ensuring that you would be able to retrieve your desired item with haste. The layout of compartments also creates an anti-gravitational feature to allow the bag from standing upright and not topple to either sides as you access its compartments.

The spacious main compartment of the Princeton Mommy Bag also ensures that you can store bring along your laptops and books on casual trips. Additional key compartments would also ensure that you do not have to rummage through your bag to look for them. The Princeton Mommy Bag is also equipped with anti-theft zips to ensure that your belongings are kept safe and secure. All zips are composed of stainless steel and will ensure rigidity and reliability.

II. Insulated Compartments/ Milk Bottle Compartments
It is a given that milk temperature has to be “just right” for your baby, and achieving this is no easy feat when you are travelling. Most parents would bring along a thermos of hot water for the temperature control of milk; this of course contributes to additional weight. The Princeton Mommy Bag features insulated compartments that can minimize temperature fluctuation of your milk for up to 6 hours so that you have one less thing to bring, or worry about. The milk/water bottle compartment also come with extra housing to secure the bottle to prevent spillage or loss.

III. Wet Tissue Compartment
The Princeton Mommy Bag sports a side wet tissue compartment with slit that allows you to access your wet tissues without the need to put your bag or child down, particularly useful and effective during occasional “accidents”. The multi-function compartment also allows you to house your other items should you choose not to bring your wet tissues.

iv. Textured Stroller Hook
Even though the Princeton Mommy Bag is well capable of withstanding up to 20 kg; not every parent would enjoy the experience of lugging a heavy bag everywhere they go. Therefore, the bag comes with a stroller hook which, as the name suggests, allows the user to attach the bag to a stroller, or any sturdy support, to reduce the strain and fatigue associated with backpacking.

The attachment of the Princeton bag to a stroller will also increase the overall sturdiness and stability of the stroller, which will minimize the risk of accidental toppling and undesired circumstances.

3. Designed for Comfort

The Princeton Mommy Bag is designed to enhance user experience and comfort. On top of the adjustable shoulder strap, additional 2 cm insulated elastic pads are also integrated into the back of the bag, thus ensuring better air tension and circulation. This diverts pressure from your back.
Extra pads are also integrated into the shoulder straps to ensure comfort over long periods of use.

4. Designed for the Trendy

Even a bag can be a fashion statement, particularly for the young and young-at-heart. The Princeton Mommy Bag, despite its name, has a unisex design, considering that the father would likely be helping to carry the bag during outings. The trendy but conservative design means that you can even bring your Princeton Bag to your office without any raised eyebrows.

With the many features of the Princeton Mommy Bag, it is not surprising that it is dubbed one of the best companions you can have in childcare. The bag incorporates intelligent, convenient, logical and easy-to-use designs that will ultimately simplify your tasks, leaving you with more time to enjoy what’s most important to you- family.

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