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Happy Birthday Singapore!
Happy Birthday Singapore!

Putto Secret Premium Embossing Baby Wet Tissue w/CAP 70 sheets

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by Putto
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Putto Baby Wet Wipes Singapore

Putto Secret Premium Embossing Baby Wet Tissue w/CAP 70 sheets

Putto premium wet tissue made of differentiated ingredients for babies. 

1.Clean 9 stage of filtering system

Putto only used purified water which filtered 9 stages of filtering process.

2. Cacao extract

Cacao extract originated from nature is a moisturising ingredient which makes your skin moisturised. It is made safe for babies and adults.

3. Soft premium cloth

For baby’s sensitive skin, Putto used premium 100% rayon cloth which has a pure cotton texture.

4 Safety moisturising & preservative agent

Putto only used safety ingredients according to Korea cosmetics act under Ministry of food and drug safety. 100% made in Korea.

Putto wet tissue is safe and it has been made safely according to Cosmetic law safety standard. Putto also carried out safety test through testing lab regularly.

결과: Result
불검출: Non detection

Putto wet tissue cloth test result by national certified laboratory.

17 kinds of hazardous material such as heavy metal(lead, cadmium), antimony etc : not detected.

100% natural herb extracts - Added natural herb extracts (NHEB-05), a skin relief ingredient for your baby skin’s healthy and safety.

Houttuynia cordata: Good at detoxing and preventing skin trouble.
Elm: Skin balance
Glechoma hederacea: Wound healing
Morus alba L: Nutrition supply
Plantago AsiaticaReducing skin condition

Material mix patent 10-0991399

Completed skin stimulate test according to USA FDA GLP Guideline. Non-Toxic.

Packaging : 70sheets/pack

Sheet dimension: 200x170mm

Weight: 70gsm

Type: 100% Rayon Premium Embossing CAP

Usage : Suitable for newborns, babies, toddlers, sensitive skins and safe for hand, mouth and utensils.

Ingredients : Water, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, Glechoma Hederacea Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Platago Asiatica Extract, Morus Alba Leaf Extract, Ulmus Davidliana Root Extract, Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water, Theobroma Cacao Extract, Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi Leaf Extract, Disodium EDTA, Glycerin, Sodium Benzoate, Ethylhex-ylglycerin, Caprylyl/Capryl Wheat Bran/Straw Glycosides, Fusel Wheat Bran/Straw Glycosides, Polyglyceryl-5 Oleate, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Glyceryl Caprylate, Citric Acid

Made in KOREA

Product is registered with Health Science Authority (HSA) in Singapore