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WOW’s award winning toys are powered by children’s imagination, without the need for environmentally unfriendly batteries.  The toys stimulate learning through creative play and discovery using vibrant colours, sounds and clever mechanical features.  Using mixed gender and ethnic roles to assist with early years’ social development.

By keeping good design at the heart of everything, WOW continues and will continue to produce toys that children love.

WOW toys is a Great British company totally committed to innovation, design and quality in preschool toys for over two decades.  Every toy is created with children in mind, with no sharp edges or small parts, no PVC, BPA and non-toxic paint, with a 5 year guarantee making them toys you can trust!

The best bit batteries are the fun never ends!

We know an awful lot about designing and creating fantastic toys that children will love. We spend a lot of time watching children play with our toys (and we admit it, playing with the toys ourselves!) to understand how play patterns and development change over the years. This means many of our toys will become firm favourites from 18 months right up until 5 years and beyond. Now that’s what we call good play value for money.

WOW toys stimulate learning through long lasting creative play with exciting features to discover which help develop and feed young imaginations. From basic motor skills to more advanced social interactive role-play, the toys provide children with a fun way to make sense of the world around them and assist with early development.


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