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LITTLE BABY SG - The forth generation, all-new Kia Sorento landed on our shore last year in October 2020.
Kia's flagship SUV new Sorento won the 2020 Good Design award and it takes home the ‘Large SUV of the Year’ award!
The new model is completely redesigned which incorporate elegant and sophisticated new styling elements.
A body length of 4810mm designed with sharper lines and high tech details made the appearance looks extremely glorious!

The front outlook of the car has the ‘tiger nose’ grille which display a wider shape which organically wraps around the
integrated headlamps on each side. The headlamps feature a new ‘tiger eyeliner’ LED daytime running light, adding
extra focus to the design around the tiger’s eyes. The appearance gives a confident and mature look.

The attractive in-cabin also introduces elegant interior designs, roomier space, cutting edge infotainment technologies
and high tech driving features!

The all-new Sorento is now more high tech, robust and stronger than the previous generations.


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Poled, a rising brand launched in South Korea and it is today one of the most popular child seats in Singapore.

Poled child seat was developed through several number of actual vehicle crash tests at Hyundai Motor's Namyang Research Center through a severity test that exceeds the general certification level. The child seat has also passed the actual car crash test according to EURO NCAP standards.

Besides the safety features of the child seat, what is most important in the seat was the premium-quality fabric material and elegant design!

And do you know that it is a must to have child seat if your child is below 1.35m in height in Singapore? Read more on Poled child seats and the features they have.

In addition, there is a limited edition Kia Poled child seat at Cycle & Carriage e-shop!
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Understanding that bringing a baby onto the road is not an easy task as going out with an adult, as we knew parents or guardians might consider the safety, convenience, and unexpected instances that might happen.

Here are some frequently asked questions when choosing a car seat by parents:


  • How to ensure the baby is safe in the car seat?
  • How if the baby feels uncomfortable during riding?
  • When should I change the car seat for the growing kids?
  • Can I get someone to help to install the car seat?
  • Can I wash the car seat?
  • What are my car seat choices?
  • And much more

Poled going through a deep research process and numerous crashing test to make this unique and innovative car seat with high safety standard.


A redefined premium car seat that won many awards in terms of its product safety and design.


Child Car Seat for Newborn till 12 Years Old

Just like how they named it, ALL AGE 360 is usable for babies to kids up to 12 years old. It means that parents could get only one car seat to use for the whole development stage!

How cost-effective is the feature!

What you need to do with the car seat for different child age usage is to remove the baby seat liner and adjust the height of the headrest to fit the child height.

360 Degree Rotatable

ALL AGE 360 is a 360-degree rotatable car seat that can stop at every 90˚. It designs for both rear-facing and forward-facing positions and getting on and off the car seat from both sides functionally.

It perfectly solves the baby-facing concern and making it an easy task to get in and off the car seat, especially when the parking lot area is too narrow for the situation.

160˚ Backside Angle for Newborn

The backside angle of 160˚ is designed for the newborn to lean back and reduce the baby's head pressure to their neck. Adjust it up to 160˚ for baby safety and comfortably.


ALL AGE 360 Safety Features

  1. Quad-shield
  2. Hexa Bolt ISOFIX / One Click ISOFIX
  3. Low-centred Rebound Stopper
  4. Locking Belt + Seat Belt Alarm
  5. Supporting Leg
  6. NCAP Actual Crash Tests

Outstanding Quad-Shield System

Quad-shield system includes hardcore shell, blower shell, impact relief shell and impacts relief EPS to control collision energy and rotation energy, which are produced on impact and protects the children.

Hexa Bolt ISOFIX / One Click ISOFIX

Poled ALL AGE 360 applied an innovative ISOFIX that developed after hundreds of actual car crash tests as they found that general ISOFIX ended up getting smashed.

With the One-Click ISOFIX that could endure an impact of 2.5t, it also helps to install ALL AGE 360 infant car seats within minutes and ease of mind!

Low-centred Rebound Stopper

The low centre of gravity is designed as a rebound stopper to provide a more stable seat. If a collision happens, objects in a car will sway away, and the low-centred design of ALL AGE 360 gives perfect protection to child from 1st to 2nd impact!

Which is only possible by ALL AGE 360 safety design.

Locking Belt + Seat Belt Alarm

The locking belt is the most fundamental safety system that every parent should know. The car seat would bounce off if no locking belt and your car have a link for the locking belt.

As from a survey of Yale University in 2011, 51% of parents reported that their child unbuckled themselves from their car seat. Hence, a seat belt alarm is applied on Poled ALL AGE 360.

This stunning technology helps parents get alert with a "beep beep" sound if the seat belt is unbuckled, it will only go silent when the seat belt is tightened!

Supporting Leg

The supporting leg of ALL AGE 360 made out of firm materials such as plastic aluminium, etc. It can deliver an impact to your child when you happen to drive over speed bumps, and it only has one leg so that it will fall when the car collides sideways.

NCAP Actual Car Crash Test

Poled car seats went through hundreds of actual vehicle crash tests that were recognized by the European Automobile Society. ALL AGE 360 received five stars rating, and it can endure twice the harshness. You can ensure car seat safety performance when using car seats with an NCAP rating.

Check out the real vehicle crash tests video that simulate the severe accidents in an actual vehicle and recorded from different angles done by the Poled team.

Poled car seat is washable and made with eco-friendly materials.
Watch the cover removal guide of Poled ALL AGE 360:

Poled Car Seat Purchase Guide by Age

With all the child seats information above, so, how do you feel when you first drive the car?

3 words to describe - Comfortable, Spacious, Powerful

In this review, it is purely based on my experience in driving All new Kia Sorento since I picked up this new ride in Dec 2019. It has been nearly 3 months and I enjoy every moment in the car.
A 7-seaters SUV - Great car for family!

As an exclusive distributor for several Korean baby brands, I travelled to Korea very often. My friends and working partners in Korea mostly drive a Kia and always drove me around when I am on the work trip.
Always amazed by their advanced technology and the design of the Kia Sorento improved so much over the years.
The overall experience driving this 2.2 litre turbo diesel with 200 horses and 440 torque Kia Sorento is just like driving a continental car!

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Be it rain or shine, Kia Sorento AWD (All Wheel Drive) is perfect for all kind of road conditions!

Changing from a 2 wheel drive to All Wheel Drive, there is a great difference in handling the car especially on wet road. Definitely better grips and traction!

The Kia GT Tech Pack has a set of 19" Alloy rims with 17" front and rear brake discs.
In addition, the GT version also has the Multi-terrain Control (Snow, Mud, Sand). It will be very useful if there is a chance to go off road!

The 8-speed dual wet clutch gear box and the 4 different driving modes! And of course if you are on GT, you can go on Terrain features.
Other features include like heated steering wheel, 360 degrees cameras etc! You will find it useful!

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Kia Sorento has a very big 10.25" touchscreen infotainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto connectivity. Personally using iPhone with the infotainment is seamless, plug and play easily. The system can also read Whatsapp messages to you while driving, playing you favourite songs from Apple Music or Spotify too.









On a hot day in Singapore, having the cooling seat is so useful. You can set the 3 different temperatures on the cooling seat.

Otherwise, you also have the option to make your seat hot if you feel cold.