Alilo - Kids Digital Player G7 (Big Bunny)

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Alilo - Kids Digital Player G7 (Big Bunny)

The Alilo - Kids Digital Player G7 (Big Bunny)! The most lovable interactive toy & multi-functional digital audio player that is designed for use from birth onwards.

Playback songs, stories & lullabies etc. whenever and wherever its needed or simply let the little ones do it themselves (as it is designed for) when they are ready. Safe and almost too cuddly, Big Bunny grants a host of developmental benefits and grows with your little one as their perfect companion for learning during play and also at bedtimes.

Developmental Benefits: Tactile Stimulation, Hand Eye Coordination, Independent Play, Auditory Stimulation, Sensory Development, Language Development etc.

- G7 feature: High definition backlit LCD display menu and functions (timed shut-off, USB speaker etc)
- G7 feature: Individually controlled head night light function
- G7 feature: Cute bunny-shaped remote control allows for additional functions
- Designed for direct intuitive operation by children
- Child-safe without any sharp edge
- Drop-resistant (ABS plastic body shell is 30 times stronger than normal plastic)
- High quality playback (high fidelity, dual-magnetic 52mm speakers)
- Direct voice recording and playback function
- Soft silicon ears with colour-changing LED lights
- Eco & cost friendly (built in rechargeable battery)
- Fully customisable and updatable content
- Preloaded with about 50 complimentary english songs, stories & musical tracks

- Includes: USB cable & 2GB Micro SD memory card (Supportable up to 8GD)
- Playback - 128kbps, Recording - 96kbps
- ~5hrs non-stop operation on full charge
- Product dimension: 21.5 x 11.5 x 8cm
- 6-month local warranty against manufacturing defects
- All materials are tested and in compliance with Europe and US Toy safety standards and requirements

Recommended for newborn to 12 yrs old

Product Care

Wipe clean with any mild household multi-purpose, non-abrasive cleaner and disinfectant.
This product is not waterproof. Do not immerse in water or any liquid as this could damage the product and cause an electrical shock.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, high temperature, or anything that may have a heavy impact.

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