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Lucky Baby 3 In 1 UV Disinfection Cabinet - Grey

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Our aim is to ship out your order the next working day. However on average, it will be typically 1-2 business days subjected to the courier company. If it is an urgent order, please contact our Whatsapp and we will assist you further.

Returns information

We do not have a return policy in our store unless it is a defect product, as we want to ensure that all customers have their items in brand in condition. Usually returned items will not be good condition and we want to avoid that.

However, if there is no other options available, you may contact us and we will see how we can help you.

Product Details

“a convenient all in one unit that provides you the ultimate in sanitary efficiency”

The UV™ Dual Function Sterilizer/Dryer/Storage is a convenient, state of the art drying and sanitizing station that provides you with the ultimate in sanitary efficiency. Using our low-temperature technology with precise heating element for drying and scientifically-proven dual UV lamps for sterilization, this easy-to-use device safely and effectively dries and sanitizes baby bottles, pacifiers, and more in as little as 30 minutes. This sleek and powerful device eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria, and is safe to use on all of your baby's various feeding gear. The scale is non-toxic, but if left unattended, can hinder appliances’ performance. Very Versatile - Even your phone can go in, Baby feeding gears, Electronic devices, Kitchen wares, Cosmetic tools, Stuffed toys, TV remotes and etc. (Drying before sterilizing can aviod secondary pollution) It is big enough to hold an ample amount of bottles, silicone nipples, and pacifiers, yet it’s sleek, compact design keeps it out of the way, freeing up valuable counter space.

  • 99.9% Ultraviolet Disinfecton on almost anything - No hassle of handling hot water or steam / No risk of mildew or odd smells
    • ALL IN ONE Dry, Sterilize, Storage
  • HIGH DENSITY FILTER SYSTEM ventilation system in place for more efficient drying and cleaner air flow
  • SUPER MIRROR Key to maximize UV light reflection and penetration, every corner and hole of the object (No more Dead zone)
  • STORAGE Acts as a handy storage unit. This optional mode activates UV to keep your gears sterile throughout the day after each openin
  • READING With a quick glance, Easy-to-read display lets you know that your device is operating
  • EFFORTLESS TOUCH CONTROL Controlled by an easy-to-use touch panel, making operating the device a breeze
  • DUAL UV PHILIPS BLUBS tested to provide safely and efficiently eliminate 99.9% of E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, and other harmful bacteria when use as directed
  • DRYING Combines low heat with dual vent to safely and efficiently remove moisture without damaging the gears
  • WIDE OPENING for easy access, the door on your Baby UV Sterilizer opens a degrees for easy access
  • ECO-FRIENDLY waterless, chemcial free
  • LOW TEMP no enviromental hormone
  • 180 DEGREES Door opening for easy access
  • 17L Big capacity can sterilize different kinds of thing (about 18 milk bottle)
  • Night light function
  • UV light warning sign - Replacement needed
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY (Base on manufacturer defect)

AUTO MODE: Sterilization and Drying

  • 40min Drying, 10min Sterilization, 1min air exchange


  • Choice of 5, 10min sterilization, 1min air exchange


  • Choice of 30, 40, 50, 60min drying, 1min air exchange


  • 1 cycle AUTO MODE, Sterilize 1min each 2hour, 20s air exchange, CUT OFF 72hour later

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Q1. I am eligible for the Prestige membership, how do I use it?
A1. Once you have met the criteria in our Prestige membership program, our system will auto tag you as our Prestige member according to the Tier you are entitled to. The process may takes up to within a week after we have processed your order.

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A3. For Prestige birthday month, you will enjoy up to 20% off on certain products. 
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We offer gift wrapping service regardless of size. But do check with us first if you want to wrap up a mattress. :D

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