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AQUATO Baby Lotion [150ml]

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AQUATO Lotion [150ml]

AQUATO Lotion [150ml]

AQUATO Lotion is a marvellous gentle lotion for your baby’s delicate
skin. It leaves the skin smooth and non-sticky. Great for everyday use.

The major active ingredient is Fucoidan, an extract from seaweed ear that
provides excellent skin comfort. Sea Pineapple Bark extract also
remarkably moisturizes skin. A combination of these two ingredients will
protect and revitalize severely dry skin.

[How to use]

After bathing your baby, apply the Lotion to baby’s skin in an even layer,
thoroughly massaging it into the skin.

[Main ingredients]

Olive oil, camellia oil, betaine, panthenol, seaweed ear extract (Fucoidan),
Glycosamino glycans (sea pineapple bark extract)

[Why We Love AQUATO]

It is good for moisture but also has a calming effect. It is mild and smoothing, and able to long lasting moisturising effect. Children will love it.