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Bc Babycare Push & Go Car Toy (With Music)

Bc Babycare Push & Go Car Toy (With Music)

- 8 music to choose from the toy

- Touch the front area of the car to switch the music

- Light blinking at the front of the car while the music is playing

- Do not require battery to get the car moving (song & light require battery)

- Children can be easily grabbing the car due to its special design size according to children palm size

- ABS odorless material, it is able to withstand multiple drop

- Anti-slip TPE wheel, durable and it is more stable with 32mm extra-large wheel

- ABS toy body material, can absorb higher shocks and multiple drops

- Auto off after the toy is rest for 2 minutes, for power saving purpose

- Smooth and rounded edges

- Suitable from 18 months old onwards

- Design : Rabbit, Elephant and Lion

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