Beaba Bib Expresso (Assorted Colours)

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BEABA Bib Expresso

Plug: BS Plug only!

Prepares bottles and warms bottles and small jars - New generation

The fastest on the market: warm water in 30 seconds so that baby doesn't wait

Simple and intuitive for preparing a bottle with only one hand

Bain-marie function for reheating small jars and bottles


< Distributes warm water directly into the bottle by simply pressing the button with one finger: practical and easy to use.

< Direct control of water temperature with 2 options, 22°C and 37°C: guarantees a precise and adapted temperature.

< Removable bain-marie heater: to reheat bottles and small jars anywhere.

< The upper section can be removed and stored under the arched base: a very useful compact design for storage and transportation.

Care: Sponge and soapy water. Regular de-scaling of the appliance with the BÉABA® cleaning product or white vinegar.


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