Fedora C1 Organic Car Seat - Grey

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Fedora C1 Organic Car Seat 

For children’ soft skin,it provides warm hearts like Mom's soft skin and easy structure to move. They can look the landscape out of the car with C1 Organic.

Size: 44.5cm (H) X 55cm (D) X 56cm (W)

Why Choose Fedora C1 Organic Car Seat

100% organic cotton

C1 organic car seat made out of 100% organic cotton certified GOTS(GlobalOrganic Textile Standard).

Comfort customized for newborns

Polyurethane materials which is excellent for shock absorbing and mothproof. 

Front and rear installations

Front and rear installations are available from birth to 48 months by stages of growth.

Detailed View

5 steps seat angle adjustment

A rear facing installation for newborns and four-steps adjustable front-facing installation for children by the stages of growth.

Marks by steps

Notification for riding a safe car seat and keeping children from wrong installations

Head protector

Double cushions of head rest provides comforts and safety for shock-absorbing.

By stages for growth

By stages for growth, you can use the car seat C1 with or without inner seats.

5-points safety belt

Ideal 5-points safety belt without any shakings is applied for the most perfect baby protection.

Shock-absorbing material

Soft and shock-absorbing PU materials makes babies snug and safe.

Anti-slip pads

Antislip pads of belts keep babies from slipping.

4-steps adjustable belts

By the stages of children' growth, you can adjust shoulder belts up to 4 steps.

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