Fedora C3 Organic Car Seat ISOFIX

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Fedora C3 Organic Car Seat ISOFIX

Why Choose Fedora C3 Organic Car Seat ISOFIX

01 ISOFIX Installation

ISO-FIX function for car seat installation based on ISO(International Standard Organization) avoids wrong installation and make car seat installation more convenient and safer.

02 Safety Belt & ISOFIX

Both belt type installation and ISOFIX installation are available and applies to all kinds of cars. For belt type installation, you can separate the fixed latch at the lower part and the fixed tether at the higher part and then use it.

03 Long Time Use

Fedora C3 Organic Car Seat ISOFIX is usable for newborns to 7 years old children. This car seat is for new born/baby/child so it is very cost-effective.

Detailed View

High position

For the short bodied children to secure a clear view out of window, the seat is structured with high position.

6-steps extended head rest

According to the stages of children’s growth, the head rest can be extended with the PU materials, protecting the head from the shock.

4-steps adjustable angles

A rear facing installation for newborns and 4-steps adjustable front-facing installation for children is available according to the stages of growth.

Smart Easy Guide

By the image on the both sides, anyone can learn how to install C3 and fix the belts by locks.

Three-dimensional Inner seat & Footrest

Three-dimensional inner seat can be used from newborn baby and the footrest of C3 provides the comfort by supporting baby’s leg.

5-point safety belt

Ideal 5-points safety belt without any shakings is applied for the most perfect baby protection.

Anti-slip pads

Antislip pads of belts will keep babies from slipping.

Organic & Mesh material

We use 100% organic fabric that acquires the certification by Global Organic Textile Standard and 3D Air Mesh for good ventilation.


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