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Fedora C4 Car Seat - Saturn

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Fedora C4 Car Seat

When you think of safety, the child feels cozy.
When you think of comfort, the child feels comfortable.

Fedora C4 helps correct growth of the child.

Birth to 48Month, Max. Less than 18Kg

Size: 44cm (H) X 56cm (D) X 69cm (W)

Why Choose Fedora C4 Car Seat

Latest ISO-FIX

ISO-FIX typed car seats are popular in the US or European countries as the belt typed ones happens some problems or shakings. Anybody can learn how to fix by one single act..

Support leg

By using the support leg which is available to adjust the height of seat, it protect the second shock at the time of car accident.

Ventilation systems

For the clean environment, the exhaust pipe and inlet port inside and outside of the seat is installed.

Detailed View

8-steps extended head rest

A 8-steps extended head rest makes the shoulder belts automatically adjusted. A double safety foamed head rest helps to absorb the shock for the children’s safety.

One-touch detachable seat

By pushing one button, the base and the seat can be separated. Also, when you want to change into forward-facing or rear-facing installation, you just need to change the way of the seat.

The ISO-FIX length adjustment

You can extend the length of built-in ISO-FIX connection parts by checking the indicator.

Alarm is available for locking the base

When you separate the base or the seat of a car seat, the alarm rings. It means you can recognize the wrong installation.

Detachable inner seat

As it is available from birth and feels comfortable. When the child grow up, you can obtain the space after removing the inner seat.

5-point safety belt

Ideal 5-points safety belt without any shakings is applied for the most perfect baby protection.

Anti-slip pads

Antislip pads of belts keep babies from slipping.

3 steps seat angle adjustment

A rear facing installation for newborns and two-steps adjustable front-facing installation for children by the stages of growth.