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Fedora L5 Stroller 

Look at the world
Fedora L5 accommodates a space for dreaming by looking at the vast world.

Fedora L5 gives a new perspective on the world.
Your child will have big dreams by looking at the blue sky with snow-white clouds and shining starts in the universe.

Birth to 36 Months, Max. 15Kg

Size: 1030cm (H) X 952cm (D) X 628cm (W) – Unfold
1000cm (H) X 375cm (D) X 628cm (W) – Fold


Why Choose Fedora L5 Stroller

Premium materials

It is a premium stroller made of lightweight and durable fabrics with elegant colors.

Comfortable & Well-balance

Just like first class seats on airplanes, the backrest and footrest recline together, allowing your child to ride comfortably and keep balanced in multiple positions – sitting, reclining, or lying down.

High Seat Position

By high seat position of Fedora stroller, it makes parents and children enjoy the outside with eye-contacts. And it is easy to use the stroller at the restaurant and the cafe without the high chair.

Detailed View

A type seat-recline

It features 3 point adjustable backrest and bench seat, allowing varied options for use, depending on physical development of your child.

Safety guard

With one-touch removal and installation, it enhances user convenience.

Angle adjustable footrest

It has 8 point adjustable position and can be adjusted to fit child’s position and physical development.

Slim Handgrip

The product is designed to look sharp rather than blunt and to be easily gripped.

2nd lock

Torsion spring is used to improve usability and function.

Seat rear-facing

It’seasy to detach and install seats. Also conversion from rear-facing seats toforward-facing seats is simple.


The compact size and self-standing fold makes you efficiently store your stroller when not in use.


It has a visible indicator which helps you to ensure whether seat is fastened, resulting in enhanced safety.

Ventilation window

3 point extended canopy is adjustable and effectively protects your baby from UV rays and sunlight.

Leather cover

Leather handle bar cover adds a touch of elegance to your stroller and enhances usability.

Broad and strong shopping basket

It accommodates a storage basket that can hold up to 5kg (11lbs).

Organic inner seat

Infant safety cushion is made with organic fabric (Sold separately).

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