Fedora S3 Plus Stroller - Cherry Red

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Fedora S3 Plus Stroller

Fedora S3 Plus Stroller Singapore

Plus to your life style
Convenient both for mom and baby
The safety and the convenience are basic things.
Now it’s fashion for stroller!
Fedora S3, the style shines from head to foot!
Fedora S3 stroller will present you more imposing outing!

Birth to 36 Months, Max. 18Kg

Size: 1085cm (H) X 952cm (D) X 506cm (W) – Unfold
990cm (H) X 330cm (D) X 300cm (W) – Fold


Why Choose Fedora S3 plus Stroller

Easy Folding & Self-standing

Compact folding size letting to be even in a small car and self-standing function provide optimal space utilization

Detachable safety bar

Safety guard allowing a simple separation can be used comfortably and improved safety by preventing the baby from coming off the carriage

One-touch seat adjustment

Regardless of the direction watching the front or the back, you can adjust the seat angle into 4 steps through the seat lever with one of your both hands

Detailed View

Light weight

Considering mobility and portability, the weight is a basic point.

Baby observation & ventilation window

Baby observation & ventilation window at the upper end enables you to check the baby’s boarding status

3D wide mesh seat

3D seat fit to the baby’s body provides wide space and pleasure through the mesh material excellent in ventilation

Foot brake

It can be easily operated with one-step brake.

Seat adjustment& adjustable footrest

Youcan adjust the Seat angle into 3 steps through the seat lever with only onehand.

Stability by the best angle

The best angle of the stroller by the trapezoidal structure makes children stable.

5 point harness

Application of 5-point harness, the most ideal type of all safety belts for stroller.


The sunshade with UV protection function has child observation window. You can watchyour children without folding the canopy.

Perfect anti-shock suspension

Excellent abrasion-resistant EVA tires andspring suspension minimize the shock from the surface to secure my baby.

One-hand handling

The 4 wheels made of dual tires and hub ballbearings can make it drive stably.


Our wide and strong shopping basket can load up to 3kg, and is able to attach and detach which is easy to wash, too.

Swivel lock

Front wheels can be fixed for straight forward handling without regards to the road conditions

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