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Fedora S7 Stroller

Fedora S7 Stroller Singapore

You can fold Fedora S7 by the touch of a buttonwith one hand as it has smart sliding folding system that no other can mimic.

Deluxe stroller Fedora S7 will provide you amazing convenience
and compactness as well as spacy stroller function.

Birth to 36 Months, Max. 15kg

Size: 1070cm (H) X 910cm (D) X 640cm (W) – Unfold
1060cm (H) X 450cm (D) X 640cm (W) – Fold

Why Choose Fedora S7 Stroller

Stylish Design and Safety

The sleek curved wide frame makes a stable structure. As a 3.5cm-wide ideal stroller, it has no vibrations and good rotation.

Easy Folding System

A soft folding system by one single action is available.

Self Standing

Products are not only slim but also space-efficient by a self-standing system.

Detailed View

Seat position adjustment

You can attach and detach the seat byPressing the button, and forward facing mode is available for sympathy of the mother and child.

One-touch angle adjustment

You can adjust the Seat angle into 3 steps through the seat lever with one of your both hands. ( Seat mode- Resting mode- Sleeping mode )

5-step angle adjustable footrest

According to the child’s stage of growth, you can adjust the angle of footrest in 5 steps by pressing the buttons located at the left and the right of footrest.

4-wheel independent Suspension

Driving from tremors that may occur during protect your kids.

5 point harness

Application of 5-point harness, the most ideal type of all safety belts for stroller.

Safety guard

The safety guard that operates from left to right and from right to left is easy to open and ride in the stroller while holding the child.

Ventilation window

The 3-step functional foldable sun shade with design and functionality-supplementary visor is applied to provide more effective function of blocking sunlight and UV rays.

Baby observation window

You can check the status of your child’s ride in the Fedora S7 stroller through the observation window on canopy while driving, and you can also ventilate the air as there is a separate ventilating window.

One-touch brake

The operating condition can be checked at a glance through the green and red colors of one-touch footbrake installed with indicator.

Front wheels separation

As the front and rear wheels can be divided, the stroller is easy to be loaded into the car which space is not enough.

Wide and strong shopping basket

Up to 5kg can be stored in the shopping basket.It’s possible to attach and detach.

Travel System

The sleeping baby in the Travel System of Fedora S7 doesn’t have to be waked up.The car seat itself becomes a part of stroller.

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