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Foldaway Bumper Mat G, 140 x 120 x 50cm (Coco)

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Foldaway Bumper Mat G, 140 x 120 x 50cm (Coco)

Are you worried about your child falling and hitting the hard floor or the plastic play yard panels surrounding her?

Are you concerned about your child's limbs getting caught between bars of the play yard?
Are you troubled over how you would dispose or keep the bulky play yard after use or when your child does not need one? 

Foldaway Bumper Play Yard is the PERFECT environment to keep your baby while you attend to other things!  It is fully padded hence you do not have to worry about your child falling and hitting the hard floor or play yard surrounding her. They are protected by thick high-density elastic foam at each side and that is the core of all our mats.

Multi-Functional. Lie it flat and it becomes a playmat, prop it up and it becomes a play yard! Fill it with balls and it becomes a ball pit! It is great for babies doing tummy time, learning to crawl, sit or just learning to stand or walk!

Light & Portable. It can be used as a baby cot in your master bedroom or as a play yard or ball pit in your living room! 

1. Eco-friendly and Safe. Tested and certified by SGS, the world's leading safety certification company!
2. Fully padded! Strong and firm interior provides sturdy frame for your child!
3. Multi-Functional! It can be used as a play yard, playmat, cot, ball pit and many more!
4. Light and portable! Convenient and saves space!
5. Easy to assemble!
6. Comfort. Firm enough for easy foot pivoting yet forgiving enough to pad falls!
7. Absorbs noise and protects kids from cold floor!
8. “Breathable” exterior makes air circulation possible, minimising the growth of fungus in the interior!
9. Waterproof. Easy to clean & convenient to sanitise!

Product Details:
1. Origin: Korea
2. Weight: ~7.5kg
3. Outer Material: Non-toxic PU Leather
4. Inner Material: High-density elastic PE Foam
5. Great for babies 0 months & up! 

Product Flat
Dimension: 1 set of 220x140x4cm + 2 sets of 120x500x4cm

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