Harry Monkey Organic Bamboo Smoochie – Little Baby
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Harry Monkey Organic Bamboo Smoochie

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Harry Monkey Smoochie

A gentle and hypo-allergenic comforter made from organic bamboo fabric. It is designed to soak up mum's scent so baby can make use of her strongest sense - smell and always be comforted when mum isn't around.

Perfect for sleep training and drop offs at day care or the grandparents.

Every Smoochie comes with it's own hanging wooden clip so when Smoochie isn't being loved you can hang it safely away. Never loose Smoochie again!

Smoochies come with a removable Birch wood teething ring which can be taken off for washing and removed permanently when your child grows out of teething and can continue to cuddle Smoochie as a comforter.

Use Smoochie for:
- Calming snuggles at naptime
- Mother & baby nursing bond
- Gentle cuddles for sensitive skin
- Tearful daycare drop-off
- Naptime association trigger

In order for Smoochie to absorb your scent, simply sleep with Smoochie for one night. After that Smoochie will smell just like you and your little person will be comforted by its scent. It's okay to wash Smoochie, but make sure you repeat this process after every wash.

*It comes with a box suitable for baby showers gift.