Shell Baby Play Yard (8pcs/10pcs) + Play Mat (4cm) Bundle – Little Baby
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Shell Baby Play Yard (8pcs/10pcs) + Play Mat (4cm) Bundle


Brand IFAM

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IFAM Shell Baby Play Yard (8pcs incl. door) - Grey+White

Shell Baby Play Yard (8pcs/10pcs) + Play Mat (4cm) Bundle 


What is in this bundle

  • Shell Baby Play Yard with Door Set (8pcs - 133x133cm / 10pcs - 198x133cm)
  • Shell Baby Play Mat (Perfect fit for 8pcs or 10pcs setup)


Shell perfect fit 10pcs play yard + play mat

Shell perfect fit 8pcs play yard + play mat

Enhanced Safety Feature

Improved SAFETY for your little one! Babies had been caught climbing out with the support of the 2 higher see through holes. Therefore we have covered up the 2 see through holes to prevent them from climbing out!

Please note that new, authentic IFAM Shell panels come with this enhanced safety feature - manufactured and shipped out from Korea.

Keeping babies safe with Credible material safety certification + Enhanced Product Safety Features

Enhanced safety feature to prevent climbing

Shell Baby Play Yard Panel Dimension

IFAM Shell Baby Play Mat is a safety-first single baby play mat with a combination of Premium PU and 8 layers of Ultra High Density PE. This mat size is especially designed for Shell Baby Play Yard (8-panel). 

  • 4cm thick play mat for better impact protection & noise reduction
  • Waterproof surface
  • Hidden zippers
  • Premium PU fabric for maximum comfort
  • Play Mat Interior - Ultra High Density 8 ply rigid & resilient PE for better impact absorption and increased durability
  • Exquisite fabric with the finest, resistant fabrics to create a play mat that last a long time
  • High density + high capacity thick fabric with urethane up to 280g which is more than normal PU
  • Superb softness & a premium leather look create a smooth & soft touch without skin irritation
  • High temperature treatment of up to 48hrs to remove harmful substances and odor
  • Friction & noise reduction when the fabric and the interior material rub against each other



Shell Baby Play Mat Dimension (Single) - 63x125x4cm

Shell Baby Play Mat (Single) Dimension - 63x125x4cm

Shell Baby Play Mat Dimension (Foldable) - 125x125x4cm

Shell Baby Play Mat (Foldable) Dimension - 125x125x4cm

    Shell 8 / 10pcs + Play Mat Configurations

    Shell 8pcs + Shell Baby Play Mat configuration

    Shell 10pcs + Play Mat Configuration

    IFAM Certification

    IFAM Play Yard, Play Mats & Storage Organizers are tested and proven baby safe by Korean, European & US certification



    1. Where are IFAM baby products manufactured in?
      All IFAM baby products, inclusive of the materials being used, are all sourced, produced and assembled in Korea.

    2. What material is being used in IFAM products?
      You’d be glad to know that IFAM only uses 100% fresh plastic and not recycled ones unlike other similar baby products. The plastic used in particular is Polyethene (PE), an incredibly useful commodity plastic.

    3. What's the difference between 100% fresh new plastics and recycled ones?
      Manufacturing cost with recycled plastics are lower hence are cheap alternatives to 100% fresh new plastics. 

      A report in Jan 2018 noted that 2nd hand plastic toys might contain hazardous elements which can be chronically toxic if children are exposed to them at a low level over an extended period of time. Read the report here.

      Baby safety will never be compromised in Adertek Lifestyle and IFAM Products.

    4. Is PE harmful/ toxic to my child?
      Not in solid form and fresh new ones! Recycled plastics can be harmful if not processed properly. In fact, PE is often also used in food handling too. IFAM baby play yards, toy organizers and all other products are certified by SGS Korea & KTC Korea for baby safety.

    5. Any sharp edges or small & protruding accessories?
      You will not find any sharp edges, small parts and protruding accessories on any IFAM's play yards and toy organizers. 

      Here's why - when your baby take their first crawl, walk & climb, they will definitely wobble, trip & fall. Would you rather they fall on a smooth & hollow plastic or fall on something with protruding parts & accessories?
    6. There is a small black spot on the panel. Are they defects?
      The short answer is NO. IFAM baby products are manufactured using the blow molding process. During this manufacturing process, a small black spot might occur naturally.

      This black spots are not dangerous and are safe for it's purposes. IFAM does not accept this black spots as a reason for return.

    7. Similar looking & "claimed-to-be" IFAM products on market places - are they IFAM products?
      Authentic IFAM products (baby play yards, toy organizers, toys etc.) are made and shipped out from Korea only.

      Made in Korea IFAM products uses raw materials that are certified (SGS, KTC, CE) for baby safety because your little one will be exposed / chewing / licking / in contact with these materials for a few years.

      Lastly, IFAM adopt a "One country, One distributor" model where only ONE distributor is allowed to actively represent IFAM in the countries they are assigned. Be extra cautious when buying from sellers outside of your country as the product is unlikely to be IFAM.

      DO exercise caution when buying from overseas sources that look like or claim to be IFAM (especially those that are ship from non Korea sources). Your little one's safety & long-term health is at stake!

      As the saying goes - "if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is".