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Jellymom Wise Chair Booster Seat - Purple

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Jellymom Wise Chair Booster Seat

1. Jellymom Wise Chair Booster Seat
Made in Korea
The unique benefits of Jellymom Premium seat include :
a. Evolutive design : seat can be used from 3 months to 5 years old.
b. Safe ergonomic design
c. Perfect quality control, safe from Hazardous substances
d. Tray made from Urethane that is harmless in human body
e. Soft and cozy Cushion is made with Poly Urethane which is able to guard from 99% of bacteria's by special coating
f. Each Cushion is detachable and attachable
g. Easy to move by comfortable handle, lightness
h. Detachable Headrest cushion
i. Easy to carry by keeping into Jellymom Bag when going on a picnic, camping, etc
j. Y type safety belt offers prevention of danger of escaping or falling from the seat.
k. Light-weighted polyurethane material which can be used in outdoors Evolutive Design
3 ~ 5 months : Safety Seat
Headrest + Soft Cushion + Basic Seat
Can use as headrest protecting your baby’s neck and helping growth of your baby.

6 ~ 12 months : Weaning Seat
Tray + Soft Cushion + Basic Seat
Removable tray will help one’s weaning food, toy play

1 ~ 2 years : Play Seat
Soft Cushion + Basic Seat
Convenient like Sofa, Portable Chair

3 ~ 5 years : Booster Seat
Booster Cushion + Basic Seat
When your child grows up, Wise chair also could become as a great booster chair. Put the booster chair on a dining chair and have a meal with family