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Free Delivery Islandwide | Spend min. S$188 Become our VIP member and enjoy +10% OFF storewide!

Lucky Japan SUPPORi Baby Sling

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SUPPORi is the latest innovative baby sling made in Japan. It is convenient, durable, easy- to-use, light, safe, simple, and trendy.

Retail Price
SGD 68 (plain) / SGD 78 (pattern)

Recommended Age

6 months (or when baby can sit up by himself) up to 36 months (15 kg).

** Please indicate the size in the comment box during check out.

 Light & Compact

Such a portable sling is a delight for travel. It fits easily in your palm or a diaper bag.



The whole mesh structure provides air permeability which releases body heat of the baby as well as the wearer.

Just the right stuff for our hot climate.

Simple & Easy-to-use

No ring, no buckle, no bulky/lengthy garment.

Just a simple and elegant piece of fabric that securely bound you and your child in just 3 easy steps.

Reduce stiff shoulders

SUPPORi supports baby’s weight with deltoid muscle, which is very strong. Hence, it is more comfortable when carrying baby for longer period. The knit structure also stretches over your shoulder snugly, thus staying in position. 


Support correct positioning of baby-wearing 

SUPPORi supports the C curve of baby’s spine in which it extend horizontally to cover the baby’s back. Its elastic net fits snuggly maintaining baby’s C Curve.

According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute*, “the healthiest position is for the hips to fall or spread (naturally) apart to the side, with the thighs supported and the hips and knees bent”. Carrying baby in SUPPORi allows this frog-position or M-Position. 


Safe & Durable

SUPPORi is made of ultra-durable yarn and three-ply thread to achieve maximum strength. It is produced using the latest weaving machine. All parts are 100% made in Japan.


Great for Dads

And who says baby-wearing is only for Moms? With such a ‘coolsome' (yup, that’s for cool and awesome) sling like SUPPORi, Dads can’t resist bonding with their little ones, too. 


...and great for celebrities, too!

Celebrity Kate Hudson was spotted with a bright blue SUPPORi.