Mama Cooks Salmon Fish Floss 9 m+ (3 packs x 10g)

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Mama Cooks Salmon Fish Floss 9 m+ (3 packs x 10g)

  • Salmon Fish seasoned with 95% organic seasonings - recommended for picky eaters.
  • Suitable for 9 m+ and above. 
  • High Omega 3 & Protein.
  • No MSG & No Preservative.
  • Each box comes with 3 individually packed sachets.
  • Ingredients: Salmon Fish, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Soy Sauce, Reduced Sodium Salt & Chinese Five Spices (Allergen Info.: Contain Wheat & Soya).
  • Where possible, we suggest to start your little one with unseasoned flavour first, unless they are picky/fussy eater.


  • Current Batch Expiry: June - July 2021
  • Approved by Singapore Food Agency.
  • GMP & HACCP Certified.
  • Halal Certified.
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