Pigeon Anti-Bacterial Wet Tissue 80 sheets (Bottle) from Japan x3

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Pigeon Anti-Bacterial Wet Tissue 80 sheets (Bottle) from Japan

Pigeon disinfectant wet tissue refill 80 sheets" is for refilling a wet tissue containing Lucool that can easily disinfect babies and things around you. Personal items such as baby toys, tables, pots and toilet seats, unhygienic parts such as handrails, doorknobs, and toilet seats for public toilets, nursing equipment and nursing equipment for the elderly You can use it to disinfect and wipe things around your kitchen, telephone, OA equipment, keyboard, etc. It is for refilling.

Category Health care
Material ・ Item Wet tissue for sterilization
Product brand Pigeon
Internal capacity 80 sheets
Size 60x80x210(mm)
Weight 0.31
Weight 0.31g-
Usage notes ● Do not use in the following places and objects: near fire. Heating equipment (fan heater, gas stove, microwave oven, etc.). Human body, food, toys put directly into the mouth (pacifiers, dents, etc.). Water-based paint surface, leather goods, white wood, lacquer.
● Do not store in the following places: places exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures. A place where the infants can reach.
●Painted products, colored fibers, copper, brass products, tatami mats, styrene, and soft PVC products may be discolored, deteriorated or peeled off, so please check them in a conspicuous place before using. We recommend cleaning the cream after use.
● After use, firmly remove the lid of the mouth, please use as soon as possible.
● This tissue does not dissolve in water, so please do not throw it in the bathroom.
Ingredients Ethanol, paraben, benza Luconium chloride

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