Pigeon Protequa Baby Head-to-Toe Balm 50ml X3

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Pigeon Protequa Baby Head-to-Toe Balm 50ml

As your baby start to crawl and explore their surroundings, there are bound to be little injuries or skin irritations around their body.

With the NEW Protéqua Head-to-Toe Balm, it can be used to provide relief of dry skin, abrasions, insect bites, minor burns, scrapes, bruises, chapped lip and more. It is your go-to multi-purpose baby product that has versatile uses!

Protéqua Head-to-Toe Balm uses petrolatum as its main ingredient to seal the skin with a water-protective barrier. This can help to moisten injured skin for improved healing and repel water to reduce the risk of diaper rash. Additionally, it contains licorice root extract that provides anti-inflammatory properties and Vitamin E to reduce redness.

  • Moisture Seal
    • Suitable for minor cuts, burns and insect bites
    • Relief of dry, cracked and chafed skin
  • Protective barrier
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Hygienic tube format
  • Size: 50ml
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