SketchBird Neoprene Insulator Cover – Little Baby
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Sketch Bird Neoprene Insulator Cover

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Sketchbird Neoprene Insulator Sleeves for B.Box Sippy Cup

Sketch Bird neoprene cover for keeping warmth and cold of sippy-cup
: This product was designed to keep warmth and keep cold of the sippy cup.

Color : Full Pink, Full Green, Front Pink/Back Green and Front Green/Back Pink

Material: Neoprene

Size: 9 * 10.5 * 6.5 (cm)

1. Optimal Temperature maintenance (standard - for 2 or 3 hours)
The cover maintain the proper temperature of beverage for babies, because Neoprene meterial has resistance to heat and abrasion.

2. Light of weight and Stretch
If you put the cover on a sippy cup, It is a light enough for babies to carry it. And due to the excellent flexibility, the shape of the product won't be effected.

3. Product Care
Because the cover has such a well-built cushion, it will protect the sippy-cup from external shocks.

Product from Korea