Wonder Bumpers Green & White Polyester Minky – Little Baby
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Wonder Bumpers Green & White Polyester Minky

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Wonder Bumpers Green & White Polyester Minky

Wonder Bumpers is a globally-patented product from USA with the following features. 1)Reduce the risk of suffocation and entanglement that comes with conventional bumpers with strings
2) Protect baby's head and body from knocking on to the hard cot rails
3) Allow optimum air flow in and out of the crib to promote healthy development of baby 4) Prevent abrasion when baby sticks his legs between the cot rails
5) Allow clear visibility into the cot as the view is not blocked like the conventional bumpers
6) Promote sense of security for babies as they are able to see their surrounding better.

Polyester minky outer fabric cover.
Each strip is 60cm tall and 15cm wide, that can fit most cot rails.
Can be compressed to accommodate shorter cot rails.
Each strip is reversible, both sides can be used, so you can create a unique color pattern for your baby. No dangerous ties - just zip on!

Wonder Bumpers has a sleek vertical design that effortlessly zips on the cot rails in a downward motion ensuring babies do not have access to the pull. Two or more pieces can be zipped together to cover wider rails or corners Zipper is lead-free to ensure safety for little children. Important: Ensure zipper is zipped downwards to prevent little ones from undoing the zipper from the top.

Care Instructions
Machine wash cold on gentle cycle Tumble dry low.
Do not use in dryer
Do not iron Foam padding can be removed before washing the outer cover