B.Box Sippy Cup

B.Box Sippy Cup (Training Cup for your little one)

B.Box multi awards winning sippy cup features popular innovative weighted straw that lets tiny tots drink to the very last drop. The perfect cup, at home or on the go. Team with the essential snack pack and essential travel bib for the ultimate picnic pack.

In 2015, B.Box won the BEST TRAINING CUP in the Mother and Baby Singapore Awards.
Start training your little ones from 6 months and teach them learn to drink and hold the cup to build independence in them. Best of all, for little ones who do not like to drink water, they will love to drink water after using B.Box Sippy Cup. The most unique of the cup is that it has a weighted straw that moves whenever the cup is tilted in any directions. The straw is good too because it will also prevent our little ones from choking with water. 


Unique points
• innovative weighted straw moves in the liquid whatever angle the cup is tipped
• little ones aren't left sucking air and can drink to the very last drop

• easy grip handle
• simple flip top lid
• leak proof
• dishwasher safe
• replacement straws and cleaning brush available separately

Featured in Singapore Magazine.

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B.Box Sippy Cup  

Cleaning and replacing B.Box Sippy Cup is so easy!


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