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Sippy Cups

Introduce training cups for our little ones to learn from sucking to sipping!

When should I introduce sippy cup to my baby?

It is recommended trying to get your little one to drink milk or water from a trainer cup by about six months or so.  It is estimated roughly about the same time your baby is able to sit up and hold things on its own. In general, it depends the progress of your baby. It is never too late for baby to learn to drink from the training cup at 6 months.

Which type of sippy cup should I buy?

We understand from many parents that not every baby will drink from the sippy cup that they bought for them. It may be due to the design of the cup or the straw, or even they are not ready for the cup yet. Every sippy cup has it's own strengths. We strongly recommend B.Box Sippy cup for baby to drink water because it has a unique weighted straw and allows the baby to drink the water in any angle.