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Welcome to Little Baby, a Mom & Baby store based in Singapore & Malaysia. We are one of the leading and largest baby store in Singapore. We have our own showroom located in Singapore for customers to visit us by appointment and make themselves feel like their home here. 

We choose our products carefully from the suppliers to ensure safety standards is met for usage. Little Baby is also an exclusive distributor for B.Box, Designskin, Mother's Corn, 10 Mois, Hoppetta, Bobo, Naomi ITO brands in Singapore. 


About Little Baby and the Founder

Little Baby® is created under a partnership (LLP) in 2014 on a business expansion from my photography business (www.danielho.sg). We provide portraits, commericial and wedding photography in Singapore.

Important Milestone History on Little Baby & Founder.

On August 2014, Little Baby is appointed as the sole exclusive distributor for B.Box, a brand from Australia. B.Box has the most innovative and functional baby products that anyone must consider this for travel on the go. B.Box won several awards for their products and Little Baby also won an award for the best sippy cup in the Mother & Baby magazine in Singapore. The brand is carefully strategize in Singapore market as a premium baby brand. 

On August 2016, Little Baby received an approval from trademark authority that Little Baby is a registered trademark in Singapore.

On September 2016, Little Baby is officially changed to Little Baby & Family Pte Ltd from Little Baby LLP. Little Baby has a family, so it is then named as Little Baby & Family. :)

On January 2017, our founder, Daniel Ho set up another company with his professional and trusted partners to distribute bumper beds, bedding accessories and playmats in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore region from the popular brands, LOLBaby and Huella in South Korea,  The new company made a decision on the distribution business as LOLBaby and Huella are the best mat due to it's high quality in Korea. While the company focus on it's branding and distribution. We also review the key retailers to sell our products as to maintain a high positioning of brand in the market. Visit the brand page at www.lolbaby.asia

On December 2017, Little Baby is appointed as the sole exclusive distributor for 10 Mois and affiliated brands from Japan in Singapore and Malaysia. We love everything from 10 Mois because of the excellent material and designs of their products. It has a wide range of products from baby cot, baby clothing, sleeping vest, nursing pillow, mummy bags and much more. It is an absolute all in one baby and mummy brand products that Singapore parents should be known of. And the quality of the products is awesome. Little Baby won the best Japanese baby cot for 10 Mois Convertible Baby cot in the month of January 2018 under Parents World Award 2018. Visit the brand page at www.10mois.com.sg with more products coming your way.

On January 2018, Little Baby set up an expansion in Malaysia - Little Baby & Family Sdn Bhd. Later this year, there will be exciting plans ahead.

On February 2018, Little Baby is appointed as the sole exclusive distributor for Mother's Corn Korea products in Singapore and Malaysia. What we like about the products is that it is is made of corn and perfectly safe for babies and children. The products is expected to be on the market at the late Q2 2018. Visit the brand page at www.motherscorn.asia

On October 2018, Little Baby is appointed as the sole exclusive distributor for Designskin playmat and gym products in Singapore. What we like about the products is that among the other brands available in the market, Designskin has the best material and workmanship for children's playmat. It is currently widely use by pre schools and commercial playground in Singapore.

Little Baby is set up by a humble small family business which is maintained by a daddy!

100% Authentic Baby Products with Manufacturer Warranty

We want to ensure customers that all our products are carefully chosen and 100% authentic from local distributors and overseas suppliers.

We work closely with our local suppliers in Singapore to maintain good relationship in business and to ensure the products you purchased from us is covered with manufacturer warranty.

Please note that we do not parallel import products from unknown sources of the brands which are available in Singapore. Customers are required to do their own diligence upon their purchase, especially the products is extremely on massive discounts compared to all other retail stores. Say no to parallel imports. Buy authentic baby products.

We do provide after sales support if you need our assistance. Come back to us anytime and we will help you out. Or you can simply just message us and say Hi if you need someone to lend you ears for listening~ :)


Pricing & Promotions

Our product pricing are based on recommended retail price (RRP) in Singapore so rest assure that we will not mark up cost on any products higher than the retail price. At times, we may run promotions in our store. Do check out at our website or Facebook page for details. 

Happy, Healthy, Safe

Little Baby understands that all parents love their babies and hold them close to their hearts. What matters most to parents is keeping them healthy, safe and happy. Rest assured that at Little Baby, all our products are carefully chosen that meet and exceed safety regulations because we are parents too. 

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions in our products and we would love to hear from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Daniel Ho
Founder & CEO
Little Baby & Family Pte Ltd 201620748C
Tel: +65 66692688

Little Baby is a registered trademark in Republic Of Singapore.

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