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Ecus is one of Spain’s leading manufacturers. All of its mattresses are crafted in Europe using materials that have been sourced in the European Union. The company has obtained the duel certificates of ISO 9001 for Total Quality Management and ISO 14001 for environmental concern. 

Why Ecus Kids?

A revolutionary technology that has been scientifically proven to kill microbes. It literally forms part of the fabric itself and therefore will not ware off or migrate to the baby’s skins.
All of our products comply with the requirements Oeko-tex, certifying that they are non-toxic. Our mattresses are manufactured entirely in the European Union.
Multispring® or Oxigena®
Registered by Ecus using machinery designed and built by the company, the revolutionary Multispring® core dynamically adapts to the child’s back. Exclusive Oxigena® foam is non-toxic and it’s open cellular structure helps to improve breathability.
A proven anti-stain technology with a brand name that you can trust.
Bamboo is an ecological alternative that grows faster than cotton, is stronger and even combats microbes.
3D Fabric
A material that increases ventilation throughout a mattress, helping to prevent the build-up of bacteria and regulating body temperature.

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