We would like to introduce WHITETREE herbal tea blends to your customers. WHITETREE is in fact recognised as one of the top three brands of tea in Singapore by the best-selling travel guidebook in Japan, but only a select few stores are currently retailing WHITETREE tea. WHITETREE has 9 different blends of authentic herbal tea available, all of which is 100% organic. The numerous types and sleek packaging make it the perfect gift for your customers. What sets our tea apart is that we use various combinations of herbs which are carefully selected by our team of herbalists such that each blend provides unique health benefits. For example, the Calming blend relieves stress and anxiety using the herb chamomile, while the Nursing Mother blend boosts lactation for breastfeeding mothers using the herb fenugreek. As such, our tea blends can cater to any demographic and customers looking for a gift can easily find a choice suitable for the intended recipient.

Beauty Health Brand WHITETREE Founder

Megumi Florence

The CEO of Beauty & Health Care Brand, Whitetree

After graduating from the design school Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy,

Megumi entered a graphic design studio in Tokyo and was engaged in visual designs for many high class clients and major cosmetic companies in Japan.

In April 2014, Megumi established WHITETREE HEALTH AND BEAUTY PTE.LTD. in Singapore.

In the same year, Megumi started a high quality organic herbal tea brand called "Whitetree" considering effects to local societies and environment preservation for women living in modern society.

In August 2015, Megumi established another company “DESIGN YOUR LIFE Pte.Ltd.” with the theme "Creating a society where people can be truly themselves and healthy by familiarizing organic botanical products and services".

Megumi is also engaged in writing essays for health conscious medias in the United States and England.

Main Partners

Why good  ( Key Fact )
  - 100% Natural ingredients 
  -  Made in Japan 
       -  Made by Medical herbalist
  -  Official partner with major hospital  ( Thomson medical center / Raffles hospital / Mount Alvernia hospital )
  -  All non-caffein / No- Sugar  / No- flavour /  No-chemical 


Our herbs


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