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For: Beaut is different.
For: Beaut is unique.
The things we create aren't for everyone, but if we succeed in the challenge and people are excited by this change, that's the way For: Beaut.

In 2017, For: Beaut brought a unique and convenient product to the world that was never before. As the times change, many men want to make themselves more beautiful, and For: Beaut wants to do something for them. For: Beaut created M'Styler to make it easier for men to use hair irons that were considered exclusively for women, and has emerged as Korea's leading male hair beauty device brand. However, M'Styler is now a story of the past, and For: Beaut is no longer standing there. As consumers' tastes and preferences diversify and change, For: Beaut challenges new, rapidly changing technologies, creating more convenient and beautiful products that people cheer for.

“A good product is a magic that arouses, fills, and feels a person's needs. We are a wizard cheered by people! ” – For: Beaut Product Development Team The slogan

DEEP POINT's CEO and CEO Brand For: Beaut's product designer, Lee Dong-jun, is pouring his passion for the future of For: Beaut, which is far more exciting than the past and present For: Beaut.

CEO Leadership
Lee Dong-jun, CEO of For: Beaut, is a product designer and founder of DEEP POINT. Born in Seoul, he had a different idea of ​​hair beauty since childhood. As a middle school student, he became the youngest hair designer in Korea and completed his own skills and styles. Already in the early 20s, she had numerous customers as a top class hair designer at a famous hair salon in Gangnam, Seoul.


However, he was not satisfied with what he did, the tools he used, and the beauty products people used. He had a lot of ideas and dared to abandon the path of a stable hair designer to realize this aspiration. And he began to devote himself to product development by studying product design. And his success in Korea was the first result of his aspiration, 'M'Styler', a man's hair curler that has already attracted attention from many countries.

Subsequently, he and his team developed four products through technology research and ideas, including M'Styler, M'Essence, M'Spray, and Spear. In addition, it has become a role model for young entrepreneurs who have accelerated the company's growth by selling hundreds of thousands of For: Beaut products in two years, launching a health care brand Care Point and achieving the No. 1 sales in the same category.

Currently, Lee Dong-jun leads product development and entrepreneurship for For: Beaut as a whole. He is an innovator and an ambitious executive focused on creating new growth paths. He is a hair designer for over 10 years, and has 7 years of experience as a product designer and entrepreneur.

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