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Harry's Garden

The Harry's Garden web store is a collection of cool and whimsical organic softies for special little people. Each unique product has been designed by stay-at-home business mama, Toni Spencer and then thoughtfully made in small batches using hypoallergenic & certified organic products, making them extra soft, extra healthy and extra smooch-able. 

Little Baby is an exclusive distributor for Harry's Garden products in Singapore

Character Stories

Rocky The Pirate Cat

Rocky the Pirate Cat lives in a ramshackle shed on the edge of Whistling Pond at the bottom of Harry’s Garden. When he’s not pickling olives in the saltiest brine south of the equator, you’ll find him perched on the bow of his makeshift pirate raft, peering through a homemade telescope while dreaming up stories of daring and adventure. On crisp Autumn nights Rocky and the gang like to dress up as bolshy pirates and go digging for buried treasure. One time they found a tiny glass bottle full of dirt and beetle bugs. What’s that thing that Rocky always says? Oh yes! ‘One pirate’s trash is another pirate‘s treasure!’

Marla Rabbit

Marla Rabbit is a very brave rabbit and she’s not afraid of heights which is handy when you're high up in a cherry tree. If you've never been high up in a cherry tree then you won't know that it smells like toffee apples and sticky date pudding. Apart from being the best climber in Harry’s Garden, Marla is also the best cook. Every Friday, at morning tea, after a long week of tending garden, Marla makes the biggest, yummiest cherry-crumble-honey cake you’ve ever seen, unless of course you’ve already seen a cake the size of a bicycle wheel? Now that’s a cake you have to see to believe!

Harry Monkey

Harry Monkey is a very lucky monkey to run his own garden. It's a quaint little place, bursting with daisies and berries and tomatoes and cherries. There's even a beehive and an ant hill! Harry loves drying his strawberries in the sun so they go all crispy and crunchy and sweet. His favourite days are Sundays in summer, when him and his friends picnic under the Tangelo tree. They like to watch the ants as they ferry grass scraps to and from the ant hill. What a wonderful way to pass an afternoon!

Fox Lightning

Fox Lightning lives on top of the world and by 'top of the world,' I mean in a rickety old landlubbing crows nest made from old bamboo and an upside down bucket. Every morn' at Roosters crow he'll stretch and yawn and sniff the air, as delicious to him as the smell of a fresh baked apple pie is to us. 'Batten down the hatches!' he'll shout with a joyous flutter in his heart. 'Looks like a storms a brewing!' And there's nothing this fox likes more than a bit of thunder and lightning. Crazy you say? Perhaps, but they're all a little crazy in Harry's Garden. Thats what makes them all a little bit special too.

Emily J.Piglet

Emily J. Piglet has two speeds - stop and go. 'Why walk when you can skip,' is the motto she lives by. And if she ever invites you to take a stroll through Harry's Garden be prepared for a thrilling adventure, for her imagination runs faster than her feet and there's no doubt she'll have you slaying giant biting sunflowers in no time at all. There's never a dull moment in Emily J. Piglets world so hold on to your hat!

Henry Koala

Henry Koala loves winter which is curious because most Koala bears like to spend their days lazing around in the sun. Not Henry. Winter is his favourite season for pumpkin soups and hot cheesy toasts and he loves nothing more than strolling through the bluebells as the fresh snow squeaks beneath his toes. During summer his best friend Harry will often find him curled up under the Native Puka tree, dreaming of winter frosts and marshmallows toasting over the fire. Ah, the life of a Bear. It ain’t half bad! 






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